Tis the season

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

to be drunking, fa la la la la la la.


"Hello? Hello? I can't hear you. Hello?"

"Hello? I can hear you"

"Yes, but I can't hear you."

(Yes, we suck at prank calling. Thanks for texting and giving us an honest opinion of our wasted efforts.)

Drunking leads to uncontrollable laughter. It also leads to drunk dialing that uber hot blues guitarist. Then, fumbling and finding it hard to say anything at all. (potato?).

Non drunking nights also lead to laughter.

"Myself post grajuashun in mass communikashun. Nice to meet you."

And, sometimes, there are no words involved. Just the look.

Fuck the scholarship interview. I'm going to be here and make the most out of it. Even if it means pining for accessories from Claire's and that blues guitarist.

In other news, I have the world's prettiest pink bow. So what if I'll be broke for the rest of the month and that it costed me more than my Marie Claire coat. Me and my pink bow will take over the world. Hopefully, after passing Sound final.

(This is what happens when you pull an all-nighter and overdose on chat after that.)

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