Hello, good day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Recipe for a good day:


  • Tuesday (having radio through the day, point)
  • Getting over with practical in the first half
  • Clumsy Eater Friend
  • Rattan Tata Library
  • Proxy
  • A book review
  • North Campus
  • Aroon
  • Early dinner

  • Attend your practicals in the first half. Make sure it's radio because you don't understand jack shit in the class anyway.
  • Head out of college before anyone can yell, "Hey". The faster, the better. Elevator, autos come in handy
  • Don't spend on autos. I repeat, not even when the temperature is crossing 5o degree Celsius. Take Metro/car pool. 
  • Get your bum to destination- Aligarh, Delhi University, Express Highway. Anywhere other than your college
  • Hang out a bit with your college friend, outside the college. Meet Clumsy Eater Friend who promised a meeting with an interesting fellow named Dr. PMS. 
  • If the meeting doesn't materialize, believe in CEF that this PMS creature does exist for real. For CEF will schedule another meeting with the fascinating man, soon.
  • Head for your lunch, then CEF's classic panini lunch (unfortunately, there was not an inch of clumsy eating today. New name is in order).
  • Plan several ways to kill time (pre-gaming? Book store hopping? Bar hopping? Library?) Stick to the safest one. 
  • Spend the best 45 minutes of the day at RTL and wonder why can't these places exist near your house.
  • Get your bum out of the place and see your review published by RHI blog
  • Celebrate by going out with Aroon for delectable snack and pig on multiple things.
  • Come home, brag write. Serve with pride. 
                                                           Bunking college is fun.

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