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Friday, August 10, 2012

(Alice in the fuckin' Wonderland. I'm sure even she'd not have had a working weekend there)

Ah right. Who would have thought that you'll be assessed for photography in two month's time, while I was struggling to write essay on Wittgenstein. Over dramatic thought aside, three days into the course and I already have a photo-feature submission in a week's time. The course is everything that I have not done and possibly wanted to, at some point, maybe even now. It's challenging to sit for three hours at a stretch and do theory/practical but it's going to be worth it (two orientations summarized).

To say, it is completely true, academic course breeds laziness. To the extent that I've rarely put so much thought into say, something as trivial as thinking of a shot. I suppose to be out, as of now, covering Janmashthami for a feature and I'm currently updating this page, while nibbling on a Brownie (not Kodak Brownie, thankyouverymuch) and contemplating the messed closet that I ought to sort by the night fall.

I did venture out for a bit in the day, to click the pre-festivities and the marketed view of the festival. Did capture decent shots but the trick is that they only want four solitary pictures. Which leaves the person behind the camera at a loss for words and clicks to capture the best of the scene. Today, I realized, how my hand shakes each time I think of taking a shot, devoid of any thing that may make it look bad. This is what the course aims at, holistic thinking improvement in technology. You must know I'm a few screwdrivers down and hence I shall faff a bit here.

Anyway, I had a lot to write/think/perceive when I was sober. All I can think of right now is how George Eastman is my new hero. He's what Anaxagoras was in philosophy. Which entrepreneur distributes free cameras to kids? None that I know. Humanity prevails, let's stick to that lose end for now and continue with Massfuckin'communication.

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