Hey, good morning, Kanye

Friday, October 13, 2023

Shut the fuck up. 

A puppy died every time someone uttered the following to/around me in the past month (which has been quite a few times now): 

  • The top of the funnel has increased
  • Automation is a must
  • Get it done by AI
  • You're gorgeous
  • Why do you think we're not compatible? 
  • XXX is a very complicated tool
  • Let's meet on Sunday
  • Are you sure you don't want to meet?
  • Let's meet on Wednesday
  • Let's meet on Friday
  • Let's go to a bar
  • If you keep talking like this, I'll wife you up
  • You need to get new socks/shoes if you're bleeding after a workout
  • Have you understood the platform architecture? 
  • Hawa badal rahi hai
  • Don't take so much on
  • Don't work till 8 pm
  • I'm looking for a long-term relationship

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