Excessively Extravagant- Nascent Beginning

Sunday, May 24, 2015

As much as my mother denies and I admit the same, you cannot grow up in India and be unfazed with the culture around. Between politics, sports and entertainment, you'd have to pick atleast one vice to grow on and sadly, the 90s culture of entertainment- being post globalized television and cinema was the opposite of what it is today. The former was far more satisfactory while the latter came close to getting labelled 'trash' as a part of labelling collective aesthetics of the epoch.

Anyhow, just struck me during a wild music exchange on Facebook, this anecdote from years ago. I was napping as a 5-6 year old and I fell down from the bed. Now, before you go into a laughing fit (I do know people who would find this funny as much as I am typing this with a straight face), I must inform you that my bed (then and today) is way too high. The kind that our St Bernard has to consider for a minute to climb on. She needs strategizing. That sort.

So, it was natural for my aunt (father's elder sister) to sing this number for me, and for years, this would go on to sticking around as my introductory anthem in our family.

(please use the English subtitles if you've not grown up on this music- regardless of how much you preferred Coco Jambo.)

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