Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Say, there are 10 people you're crushing on in an institution and those 10 people belong to different schools. They work under different advisors on different projects and rarely ever come together. Not unless you're crossing their way/or looking them up on Facebook during class/meetings.

One fine day, you hear from the Department of Mensa, at Harvard or some such, where they want to hire you to taste Diet Coke and eat curly fries with cheese, once a week as a part of a project. You gladly accept that position. Show a middle finger to each and everyone in your previous school. Dance your way out of the campus.

Then, it happens. Your school collaborates with the other schools and now those 10 people you're crushing on, are all hanging in your campus- your classroom, your advisors and your working space is same. The only thing missing from that equation is you.


You decided to eat curly fries and opt for Diet Coke at Harvard Mensa Society or some such.

I could have put this together eloquently like my friend from Film School-

"Later that night, they stood at the bus stop, counting the hours down to the 6 am bus.
One of them wished the other would ask him to stay. The other silently prayed that the rain wouldn't stop, and the muddy roads would be washed away so that the bus would never leave.
And they waited in a silence, punctured only by the sky pouring down around them.
It was 5.49 am. The rain was beginning to die down, and the first rays of the day's sun were beginning to percolate through the straw-roof of the bus-shed, and onto their tired eyelids and silent lips.
The busdriver was beginning to honk the horn.
It was time."

However, eloquence and I are old buddies.

Now, it's all about trolling. I'm pleased to tell you, I wish I could share my curly fries with those 10 old crushes.

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