Till We See The Sun

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It definitely feels good to have changed four different systems while retaining to update this very page from time to time. The first post from MacBook Pro happened rather late but as it's anticipated, this one might last me till the end of my life so I'm in no hurry.

Meanwhile, at college, I've completed several practice shoots under film, television and video. As semester three winds up, the onset of fall is celebratory for a few reasons, we get to pick up our respective group members for the rest of the projects till the completion of the course. We also get to work on whatever the fuck we want to do, more or less. It's going to be easier here than in the industry to pitch in one's ideas and execute them so looking forward to seeing what I land up with. Working with Arriflex BL is apparently cool enough to get display pictures changed on facebook by my peers. I don't think this can ever cut for me. It's like asking a flautist to lend me it's instrument so that I can pose and share the image with the people I think care. I'd much rather rape photobooth and take selfies than seeing the light of the day when I pose with a damn Arri.

Another exciting prospect of shooting includes compliments on a good shoot day. Rushes and playbacks aside, the responsibility fulfilment is quite enriching. Specially, when the compliments roll in from people whom you've never really met and known and probably won't. The satisfaction at the end of the work day at college is, surprisingly, one of the best highs I've ever encountered. Having said that, red wine during the shoot is also a habit I'd like to avoid because it's not everyday your juniors spoil you.

Last few days were tagged under the head of 'spontaneity'. I found myself boarding a train to Meerut and visit a college friend and her family. There was nothing really to do at Meerut except to sit indoors and talk. Indoors was extended to a social location- a club if you please. My friend's family was welcoming and the partner in crime who bunked work for this was fun. In all, it was a perfect getaway from the humdrum of the city. On the count of controlled calorie meter, I found myself conforming to the limit I had set for myself. The only major shock I received had to do with my folks becoming hippies and doing a la Bangkok the same way as I did Meerut just a few hours later. So now, as I anticipate my shopping list and their arrival, I am supposedly responsible for the household and people in their absence. Apparently, having your birthday celebration away from the family members is my parents thing and I can't quite argue with that. Only waiting for big, fat pay cheque someday in future that buys me love and hopefully a profile picture at Times Square and not with Arriflex at college.

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