Cherry lips, crystal skies

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Every June I go reckless and I did just the same this year. Except, recklessness ends with an important life-changing moment or decision and usually the cut-off for the same is June 29. Sadly, there's none of that this year. Instead, what I have is lethargy, dehydration, bad mood (courtesy PMS), and energy to destroy 1000 Suns all at once, if someone hurts me. 

It's just as good a place to be, as is soaking in the big life-changing moment, that hasn't occurred yet. 

I guess it's okay. I guess everything is okay. Everything eventually is okay, innit? You look at a difficult day like death and mark it with cremation or burial or whatever else. People come back, take a shower, grab a meal and go about their lives. Sure, some mourn more than others, and a few others are actually affected but for the most part, post-death rituals reality is a lot like an empty slate to start from. The kind Taylor Swift refers to as, "I got blank space, baby, and I'll write your name". 

I wonder when someone will write my name at all. If ever. 

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