Someone tell me to write my paper please

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Not sure if I should be glad that the universe spelt it out for me that research isn't going anywhere or unhappy that I'm still gonna pay my dues?

We'll find out in the next email we receive stating another rejection from another place we're counting on. 


Also, if anyone's reading this page and all, let me know if I should waste my time and put up a wishlist for my birthday, especially now that I'm a week short of being unemployed for a while. 

All of this year I've gone on record to say, omg give me time i'll write a whole post. 

Yeah, please give me time. I'll write a post. Apply for the jobs my mom's shortlisted. Go and give my blood sample. Also, reply to kind men of Tinder and other dating apps. Maybe find a man to do cardio with. I don't know, paint some more. Watch Narcos and write that paper which is due in under a week.

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