Re-tox 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The most befitting end to the first month of the year, resembled the finale of Mukkabaaz (2018; dir Anurag Kashyap). Without giving much about the film, let me jump straight to my point.

I dropped my phone inside the pot.

Pot where one takes a dump. A commode. Or whatever you call that space in your culture.

This cover is my calendar, only less fun than seeing the "dentist".

Semantics aside, this was truly the cruellest way to end the cruellest month of the wretched year. Amongst other notable things that took place, here's the highlight of this year in badly organized point format (because fuck me, I'm truly not in a state to think of beautiful, prosaic words that make sense).

1) I started smoking after four years of being clean. I also got sick enough to lose my hearing ability. That had something to do with smoking and little something to do with the fact that I sneaked out of my house and had a run-in with the cops, all in the same evening.

2) I am truly out of fucks to give for deadline and work. Here's something that everyone around me has noticed. A sample-

a) We need images for the opening pages. Oh my.

Me- Don't worry. I'll do it in an hour.

b) We need to send the book to the press. Tell them this is the deadline.

Me- Yep, will be done.

c) I basically need 10 posts to have gone up on Facebook yesterday.

Me- I'm tracking the delivery of the time travel machine. Could you hold a minute please?

3) I'm eating crap. Mindlessly. All day, every day. I have no chill with regard to my diet so I'm taking bites (sin), I'm eating butter and oil and fats and dairy all day (sin), I'm also piling on carbs and how (sin), eating ketchup by the bucket (sin), no working out (biggest sin).

4) This page. I am single-handedly responsible for the dwindling numbers because if I don't show any interest, nobody else does either.

5) Went to the theatre one whole hour before the designated time of the film. Entered the exhibition space, a whole ten minutes late. Don't ask why.

6) Terrible, terrible personal space issues. Concerning an almost pleasant past experience. Or the beginner's charm. Either, or. Just not the way things were supposed to pan out in a personal space.

7) The phone. After dropping it inside the pot, I carried it with me again each time I went to take a dump- just to challenge the universe.

Come at me motherfuckers.

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