Things Meghna Talwar Declared

Monday, October 30, 2017

That I'm like Veer (aged 5) who is at his worst behaviour around people he sees them to make a point just when they make an effort to get to know him. Veer swung his body in the park while Meghna sat on the bench talking to me, about all and sundry. He also tried flirting with her and when he told her he's five, and she kinda retracted, he tried every trick in the book to be at his worst behaviour. She told him that she won't be responsible for any injury if he sustains any while doing the unsolicited acrobats. Despite that, he continued at this attempts to be at his worst behaviour.

If that wasn't enough, she also compared me to those kids who fling their diaper in the face of the guests visiting their house. I'm apparently that kid now.

That I'm terrifying when people play cards or Taboo with me. It's not okay to be that competitive and force people to play along till I win. That I can't threaten my team member to make us win. I don't get how it's not cool.

That "Como" is not an appropriate example of describing "Lake" while playing Taboo.

That I should always be Kajol. Never anything else. As much as I only want to be Anjali, "mera pehla pyaar adhoora reh gaya" to "mujhe singing aur dancing ka kitna shaauq hai."

That I am dyslexic and never explain people any direction. Even when I think I know.

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