Chewie, We're Home!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

I may have traded writing with watching television but neither is going to get me out of this slump. I think what has happened here is that I've become too comfortable, too cushy and extremely lazy in painting things to the right angle for this state. It's as if, everything I ever wished for came true. The next step is obviously that of confusion, because what is it that I can do, now that I have everything going on. 

I am sitting on a giant bed, that I conceptualized along with the rest of the room, in a house where things are placed and objects are lined in a manner I thought nearly a year ago. Naturally, when your agenda moves from writing to re-doing your house, your priorities change. For what was a struggle six months ago to find a space to read and write, is now a breeze in so far as claiming a three-foot section on a Cane bed and having a side table, dedicated with hipster coaster to keep droplets of water from the paint. If I go into any more detail, it will have to be painstakingly removed.

Not entirely sure, what's the point of this post. Too tempted to make cheese cutlets, a stew pot of stirring imagination and half-baked dreams in a caramel sauce. Let's see if any of it happens. 

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