Ashmita Guha Neogi and I

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Me- Do you like Terry Pratchett?

Her- Who on earth is that?

Me- Was picking your birthday gift. I got my answer. :|

Her- Haye! In any case who on earth is this person?

Me- Writer, fucker.

Me- Please tell me you've not read any Jhumpa Lahiri. I can't decide what to pick up.

Her- Wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure that out. Genre etc. I shall google. Gk's sake.

Me- Die, Guha.

Her- No! I've read too much Jhumpa Lahiri. My birthday's almost a month from now, btw.

Me- URGH. Thanks.

Her- Surprise me! Even though you don't necessarily have to gift me something, I could do with a little material love :)

Me- Did you see the cake I baked yesterday?

Her- Nope. Lately I've been ignoring your gastronomic tortures on my wall.

Me- That answers my second question. No cake for you, your friends or your Facebook wall. Have a good day.

Her- When I see pictures at the middle of the night while munching on cream crackers, I feel like drowning myself. No! Your cake will make my birthday worthwhile.

Me- As will better munchies instead of cream crackers at the dead of the night!

Her- I befriended you only because you bake like a dream. Don't break my heart. <3

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