Keep calm and graduate

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love u. I hate u. She finds you hot. She also called you adorable. You unleashed three years of frustration on her today. Stop flirting with him, he's married. I love us. Come out of the hanger. She knows everyone hates her. Slut cow. Grow a pair. I respect you. Fucker, you better. Sarcasm is beyond her understanding. Horrendous union. Absolute morons. She was most offended by my remarks. What innocuous presentation on wellness. How bizarre. I have betrayed my best student. They can't hold us on ransom. Convince me, motherfucker, convince me to come for an event. Talk. Breathe. We can't help it. This is philosophy department, not PVR snack bar. Department trip cannot work out unless it is a day trip. Rock and roll, everybody rock. Am I to judge you for winning attendance award and getting through last level of faculty prize award? You look like a barbie doll in that outfit. Give me a D. Send all these fashion people for skin talk. Another loser is sharing the award with you. Chuthiye, you're getting the award. Who else would come to college during loose motions? Congratulations. Doesn't it feel great? it does, very much so. Do you want anything from the bakery? Everybody in the whole cell block was dancing to the jailhouse rock. In my school, there were all these rhythm and lead guitarists but people just had crush on the bass guitarists. Man, you're the coolest bassist ever. Is the room booked? High importance, ex HOD university. We need to pay her. Respect him. tere papa kitne young hai?. He had a cool brain wave. You're dressed like Sarah Jessica Parker but talking like Rakhi Sawant. Isn't she your friend? Dress like sluts for my birthday. Ma'am please give me attendance. I haven't had food, yeah. He has a crush on you. Uggh, let's get drunk and slap her. When is her birthday? Aunty, can she please stay till 3 am? In all likelihood, we'll only have to give you farewell. I don't expect anything from this union. Why do you want to pay 1000 as honorarium? It's a deal. We have to send people to get a room. We want to launch and sell a philosophy journal, bitch please. Who will buy a philosophy journal? Good skin! Please go. Blahlah please you have to go. Get me your slut friend's school uniform.

Motherfucker. I will be a graduate soon.

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