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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I've been told by a couple of well-wishers (well, my real set of parents) to not bitch about the institution where I'm pursuing my undergraduate studies from, so
publicly, that people might take print screens/munch and reproduce it to the head of institution one fine day. Fair enough, people are jobless enough to conceive this, so it actually might just happen. Mr. Urad Dal, man friday would give me a call on a certain tuesday and ask me to report to the Queen Elizabeth for a crime I'm accused for. Knowing the way things work here, I'm expecting that call soon. This explains why I ignore phone calls ever so often.

I dislike talking to people- via any mode. If I make any effort to communicate by the way of verbal testimony (isn't that a cool term?) with anyone, it's usually selfish. In order to live in a society- as a daughter, as a president (which, btw, is coming to an end, very soon, Hallelujah!). In general, one thing college taught me was speaking will fetch you nothing so remain mum. Which I have, for most of the times that the school version me would never have been.

Bringing college back into the write up, I'd have written leaps and bound about the symposium that I was working on with the union for our department but it's been snatched. It was like a baby to me, now that it's on the brink of approval/rejection it's been taken away and I've detached myself. It hurts to see so many things go down in drain and I'm not too keen about it any way, so might as well, be it the way it is going. As a result of that, I'm avoiding college- deliberately. This involves writer crush, his text, an internship, and two crates of beer. So, to make things look pretty, I consumed the beer and have no idea what happened. What I remember is a smiley ridden text from the dude. Made me so happy. I am pretty sure what my patronus memory will be. That's redundant cause dementors have done their job. Dementors are all around college, taking form of lecturers.

I've attended college non stop for last three years and never have I taken an off/bunked. Taking a day off today (till the test, which was scheduled from 2-4pm) felt comforting. It was odd, to stay at home at first but honestly, I could do with some spare time. All that three years of college has given me has jackshit worth of knowledge pertinent to philosophy. I know fancy terms that I can include in a pseudo conversation with an elderly, rich gentleman, over a glass of white wine and kebab in other, carefully avoiding as to not reveal cleavage and tapping my uncomfortable foot on the side to the smooth afro jazz in the background and whilst this avoid dropping the green chutney on my new cocktail black dress. Other than that, I'm pretty much in the same category as 96% of my classmates those who're day dreaming and wasting good life at GK-1 M Block market. My difference is, that time is wasted running around college with a bass amp and bass and looking for a drummer to play along with.

In a way, this detachment was necessary. I don't want to part with college on a sweet note. It'll only add to miseries for my master, be it here or where ever. That reminds me, to give up on Masters in India. Mothership bought previous year question paper set and I was delighted to discover my inability to solve even one of them! Yeah, it's that bad, a state. So, in last three years or so, my knowledge about the world has remained constant and I'm not the person who knows a lot about things outside my interest so it's pretty much nil. Which means, I've no luck with entrances atleast. My writing has fetched me peanuts and will continue to do so, unless, by a miraculous force, some big shot writer adopts me and that, my friend, becomes the news. Then, maybe, like Wendell Rodericks line of newly designed Polo (that I was horrified to receive when I asked the nescafe uncle to give me, in lieu of chocolate eclair change) I maybe commissioned to write a book bringing name to my new family. Yeah, I'm on a constant look-out for people to adopt me. It's reassuring to know that there is someone out there who wants to claim you in public other than your friends (3 in number) and family (4 in number).

I suppose this does it for negativity. Could've been the end of the month but we're burdened by an extra day in Calendar that should ideally go by with a light read but will be forced to add Hiriyana to this utopian day.

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