Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This space is available for rant/love/crazy nothings/academic paper/drunk conversation.

About a week ago, when I read half of the world crib about phlegm on various social networking sites (i'm a real bore) I pretended to be superman and was too cool to believe I could be victim.

Dekho, cold chhoone se nahi hota.

I'm sick. Helpless. With homework. Shit in college.


Also, in other news, I got conditional offer from both the universities where I applied.


This was cool until I saw time-table of one course at one university. Freaked me out. I had to pick up one. "Other one, definitely".
Turns out, they have horrible essays to write on post-modernism and revise Arabic Grammar as minor, in which everyone fails.


Let's apply to DU again, shall we?

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