Monday, January 02, 2012

I'm last semester old which begins in a few hours.
Am I kicked about graduating? Maybe.
Am I thrilled about aesthetics at a painful hour tomorrow? No.

Philosophy's been an interesting journey. I'm at it's last leg. With a bit of anticipation, I'm looking forward to new beginnings. Read Hard Boiled Wonderland and Journey to the End of the World. It's a must read, if you haven't. I don't know why did it take me such a long time to get on with it. Funnily enough my copy of 1Q84 is lying on the bedside ever since it came. I waited for it for so long that now I'm almost 'fraid of finishing it up so I'm not opening the pack. Reading Paul Mitchell's The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet. It's got an interesting prose-poetry style, or so say the reviews . As cheap as it may sound, I bought it for M's birthday but I'm tempted to read it first. Not cheap any longer 'cause I asked her.

I really do not wish to continue writing blog because it's got the same repetitive drill of details of what's up in my life, that if people wish to know they could ask me personally. I wish I had words, content to draw in some field, relatively worth typing except I'm not capable enough to write smart stuff. Instead, I'll choose to fill in space and waste time doing this. I think I should start with one of those do-your-homework things. My friend recently paid 4k to someone, the rate is rs. 2 per word. Man, five projects of 3ooo word each and I'll be rich enough for the month to not ask for pocket money. Except, I'll squat in my room , read Mitchell and when I'm distracted, I'll land up here and type. Useless.

Met this guy, who I had a massive crush on when I was 15-16, today, after four years or so.

The only thing I was wondering was what pulled me to be attracted and all that. That guy, in retrospect was a yuppie. All he ever did was to pull up his car in a tail spin and bunk classes. Man, I was so smitten by him, then. Meeting him was awkward. He's not half as cute as what he was then. I suppose, I just realised he's never read a book in his life and that we both come from very different worlds. He's leaving for good again, so there will be no more awkwardness any time soon.

Conversation snippet of the day

Mum- Ugh, I completely despise this weather.
Me- Yup, it rained last night.
Mum- Where?
Me- Bugs' status was "it's raining, it's raining!".
Mum- Men?
Me- zapped You're so 90's.

I think I have the answer why was I so drawn to him. It was his car colour- purple blush.

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