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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's really just the third day of the year and I'm sick of it. Highly pathetic day- in terms of expecting too much, just from everyone. The HOD can't stop her snide remarks about failing. I can't hold my sarcasm either. One of these days, either one is going to burst out. Same sort of tension brewing up between me and another friend. It's going to end harsh, whenever it does. Silver lining to my failing an exam is the score in other three- 72, 74 and 85. Who gets an 85 in a theory paper in college? We do, apparently. No, that's not the highest. That's fucking 94. I don't know what's really up with the system here. Not that it'll be better at some place else but I am hoping it can't get worse.

That and just hopeless day. I'm so annoyed right now, I could shoot a few people.

Is it weird to crave for coke zero at this hour? Through the day, I'm fine and no urge for caffeine or anything. It's only post 11 pm that I have serious craving for diet coke or coke zero. Thankfully, my fridge is stocked but I'm determined not to drink. Got-to-start-working-out.

Just this and college will continue to suck more tomorrow. I will need all sorts of distractions again. Or not. I'm done.

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