You say hello and then I say I do

Saturday, December 03, 2011

As I listen to Clint Eastwood and try to win this game of ludo from computer, my ex school mate, fornicates her husband and puts up wedding pictures, pictures of happy "il nvr lt u go....." togetherness.

As I was writing today's exam, I realised it's going to be like this. I've an exam- friend fornicates. I've another exam- friend gets married. I've yet another exam- friend fornicates.

I go for masters, friend fornicates. I am writing a paper- friend fornicates.

I'm done with masters- friend is in labour.

I've a job interview- friend's kid has a school admission interview.

I've yet another exam, friend's kid has exam as well.

Oh well. Anywhere the wind blows.

I try not to whine
But I must warn ya
'bout the motherfuckin'
Girls from California

Also, all this fornication might be the reason for me to fail today's exam.

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