What an awkward day

Sunday, December 04, 2011

What are you plans tomorrow? Room. Studying. Three whole articles on religion and existence of god.

Do you miss the way things used to be? Well. Not really. Things could've been worse. This works.

Do you like your hair? Never did.

Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous? Don't think so. I'm not that shallow.

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 years from now? No.

Do you text fast? I suppose.

Who was the last person you cried in front of? i think my sibling. I was dying of body ache.

Is this year the best year of your life? NO.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? No no. Not this question.

What time did you wake up this morning? 6:45 am.

Talking on AIM, with who? I've exams.

Hook-up or the whole relationship? Erm.

How late did you stay up last night and why? 12:30 am or so. Was talking to Ud.

Have you ever said you'd never love again? Er.

Do you say sorry first? Most of the time.

Could you go a day without eating? Yuss.

Are you listening to music right now? Pearl jam's Alive.

If you have a girl, what do you want to name her? Xanthipippe

Is there anything you're obsessed with? Bass guitarists and how ridiculously hot they are. Indrajit Hazra too.

Do you wear polos? No. They make my boobs look humongous.

Would you ever be able to ignore the one you love? I'm the worst possible example there.

Do you listen to the radio: used to.

Has something ever made you so mad, that you gave up on it: heights and distances. Puns intended.

Who do you wish would contact you: Adam Levine. Or my crush would do too.

What are the first three digits of your mobile number: 981

Have you ever had to see a specialist: useless, yes.

Where is the person you miss most right now? Delhi.

Who was your crush in 12th grade? Ooh. Two particularly. This guy from math accountancy tuition and this one from Janius' batch in college. Both of them were so cute.

Is there something you want to say to someone but can't/won't? Yeah i guess. To a couple of people. Some stuff. Something.

Do you like to cuddle? Yup, Sinner's kitten Obe(who I refuse to call Obi).

Do you laugh at the wrong times? Sure.

Have you kissed someone in the last 24 hours? No.

What instant messaging service do you use? Gtalk.

Are you nice to everyone? No. Not unless they're my college juniors.

Where were you when you entered 2011? Delhi.

Are you wearing any make up right now? Colossal kajal and body shop's sweet lime lip butter.

Do you always find it cute when a girl/guy calls you babe/baby? It's a turnoff, really.

Who is the first person you would call if you REALLY needed help? Depends. Mum or maybe, women Wednesday or Aanchal. Someone?

Did you sleep alone last night? no

What are/were you doing at twelve this afternoon? Grabbing breakfast at mcdonalds with the most random bunch of people who are all friends with me. Awkward.

How many times have you dyed your hair? Once.

Was the first person you talked to today male or female? female.

Who were you with the last time you went to the movie theater? Madhuri, Farah, Padmini and their friends.

How is your hair? Piece of crap inspire of washing yesterday.

Do you talk a lot? Sure, if I'm hiding something.

It's 4 in the morning, your phone rings, who is it? Prank call.

Are your nails painted? Nope.

Does seeing couples in love make you mad? Not unless one of them is stupid enough to not know other one's cheating on the person.

Your brother tells you he's in jail, what do you say? I don't have a brother. If it's cousin D then I'd probably laucough help him or something.

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