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Friday, December 23, 2011

The owner of this blog is slightly delusional. She believes she's incapable of finding her stand as she's incapable of deciding what's best for her. She's also got a fucked up sleeping pattern where at 3 am she knows nothing good will happen and that winning Montreal in Monopoly will not mean that she'll get a well paying job, admission and a show on her sleeve (not in this order, it's 3 am).

So, honestly this was suppose to be my fair views on the world- that which includes the chick flicks like The Proposal (fuck you Sandra Bullock), this female on my friend list (who's supposedly my senior from school, someone who I have no recollection of) and just a lot of other things like you know, war, fuel and crying while cutting onions. Even how New Friend's club refused to let us enter for cheese balls.

This category of females, my brain refuses to comprehend. The one who are daddy's girls and totally luvin' it lolz. I don't get it, is it daddy who did that to you? Were you born this way? What's with all that makeup? Okay, I retract. Your choice- paint your face or swim in blush, really, I won't comment. What's with the fucking idea of putting a thousand snaps of yourself with eyes on the otherside, pout out and wearing all possible accessories on earth together on yourself-thinking, "Omg, i luk hawwwt mwaah".

I admit, I go through your pictures for the lack of smart people on my friendlist and this is why I bother to come to cyber space. To poke fun at some of you and do stuff that makes people poke fun at me (poke reference, get it?). If this wasn't a free world with whatever liberties and I didn't have the fear of karmic cycle (Wednesday afternoon snuggling chicken ham sub in class with southwest ranch dripping all over my bag, I heard SJD's lecture- everyone was debating as to what direction does the cycle go, I was eating sub, wiping my face and thinking about the karmic cycle itself, intense). I would have totally gone ahead, copied your pictures and put up right here. Innocently, left the link on my facebook profile (Facebook is helping me sail through this vacation and piece, for the lack of better ideas about cutting onions and playing more monopoly). Trust me, this blog would've garnered about 10000 views per hour and that would've made me ultimate cyber-sensation-soon to be interviewed by lame lifestyle newspapers and just gotten me publicity and brickbats that would include girls from such category telling me,"luk at yurself n den tawk k? yu ugly peice of crap" and not "that lady is a tramp". Fair enough. Again, I will defend your right to death to speak or whatever the heck you want to do. As long as it doesn't flash on my newsfeed and I'm forced to go through it for the lack of interesting friends on my list who do better stuff.

Trust me, I'm holding myself. Karma or not, I think it's ethically wrong to treat someone like that. And why? Just because a silly, bored 2o something girl thinks that you're lame and you could cut this world some slack by stop uploading your pictures, of you in a wedding dancing with blackberry on display, in Disney Land wearing Mickey Mouse's ears and posing with Chip and Dale (okay, I did that too, except I didn't pose with Chip and Dale and posted on facebook as my display picture). Or for that matter, put up snaps from inauguration of your beauty salon and tag daddy and make hearts (oh boy, this is a serious give away, if you know what that means).

Look, really, I don't have a problem with this or anything. I'm just superfingly annoyed with the world- a lot like Sue Sylvester. About how people who are undeserving- twats in general get everything served on a silver platter. Or brainless gits living the life of luxury. Not marxist here but I truly despise such people.

I got first hand experience yesterday. Again, something I totally despise. So I was at a music school. My friend was singing carols (or so I was told). Amidst major confusion (of the entry, a scene with another friend, pissed singer friend, third friend's mum feeding lunch and asking me to have curd with paranthas and white butter and friend's boyfriend who is intimidated by me and deserves to be written about, continuously taunting about my crush and failed scene with him) I got by at the music school with another friend. Pissed singer friend who was not that pissed by then got me possibly the best rum cake I've had this season to enjoy my little concert there.

Now this school, so to say, is in a blink and you miss location opposite the most pretentious market of all times, which is about 5 minutes walking distance from my place. Anyhow, once at the centre, turns out they have toddlers and pre-teens in this school and their most enthusiastic parents geared with Apple iPhones and MotoDroids decked in boots and glossy make up and tweet blazers sitting right infront, proud of their kid.

The show begins, with the emcee almost mispronouncing every name- track's, teacher's and students'. Looking at her, I kinda believe employment shouldn't be that much of a hassle. After a series of bad carolling and absolutely spoilt kids thinking that they're next John Mayer of the country, we proceed with Madam Emcee's command,"after the Christmas mood, we bring U2'!" (whatever that meant!?). Watching the kids perform- doing absolutely nothing. No, no kidding, the teacher would bring the amp, plug it and shout- "1-2-3 START!", the kids would start strumming badly (and I'm saying it, I am a terrible bass player). They didn't sing, they sang just to themselves with teacher almost doing lead and rhythm and sing at their loudest pitch. Students would just play the guitar audible to themselves, making teacher fix- unplug and plug the amp (how I wished my teacher could be there and see bad students). This would obviously be recorded by their parents- well enough to flaunt it off at next dinner party,"My kid, such a rockstar. He plays the guitar and performed With or Without You..watch his video".

This continued till about one hour, every group performing for less than a minute and parents recording every angle of that majorly screwed performance. "My sugarpie is a singer, look, look. Awww", really? I am jealous of this category. For all angles. Look, these kids have the fucking opportunity. They came down from Punjabi bagh playing the bass, missing their performance for being late and just generally 'cause their parents paid for this and made them do this. Now, my parents paid for my lessons. Not complaining but they've never seen me perform, probably never will. In all honestly, they don't really consider this as anything but probably a passing phase (like I had with Barbie dolls, Daniel Radcliffe). That's what it is and looking at all this fills me up with frustration. These guys have resources and opportunity. What they're doing is, however, sending kids to Jimmy Sir with obnoxiously long hair who shouts, "1-2-3 Start!" during the show and is playing in lieu of kids with those guys just sitting there like dummies and doing nothing but smiling and wearing tiny skirt and boots. You could clearly use one word, "jealousy" here but I fucking think it's ridiculous for kids to do this and for parents to pay for this sham.

What I encountered last evening was basically a ritual we had in school. Carolling in class, inter-house competition (Clare's vs Joseph's sort) and basically Christmas cheer that no one paid them to do it. This sort of thing, I miss sorely and going through it- again, this way just hurt me. Call me evil, jealous bitch, I just thought it wasn't worth it- for anyone to pay for this crap. Simply put your kid in a Catholic school.

Also, kid, you can put on make-up, look pretty with the boots and tiny skirt, but learn to cross your legs next time you sit down to perform with the guitar. You look nothing but an aspiring dumb slut trying to impress the rocker dude from neighbourhood.

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