May Jesse St.James never find his shirt

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas eve's eve. You got to confess something to someone. Anything.

For the lack of mistletoe's in the world (read this report) I have this as confession. I fucking love this video. It's my favourite Glee cover. Jesse St. James makes an entry back as Rachel sings her woes. Not really the best show. Not something I obsess about anymore. I liked Puckasaurus, Scheuster (however he spells his name) and Jesse. Too bad, Jonathan Groff is gay. Kinda like punch in my face after watching this.

This video is pretty intense. Just a background bit- Rachel was dumped by Jesse, he's also the lead singer of the other acapella group. In lay terms, he's her biggest competitor and lover. The latter got off hook when he smashed eggs on her head. Long story cut short- now she's been dumped by her boyfriend Finn and this is just before prom. Ambitious as she is, she's doing what she's best at and Jesse makes a comeback.

It's pretty lame if I think in retrospect but whatever. This is a confession. It had to embarrass me.

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