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Friday, December 30, 2011

The year end post. The rant filed. Now.

Started off with exams. It was so chilly that my hand actually froze in one of the papers. I resembled a penguin for most part of the month. Also, reading the horoscope in Cosmopolitan with Sinner. It mentioned how someone's going to rock bed for most part of the year with countless lovers (or something like that). It actually did happen for her. Me? My horoscope said I'll die with 72 cats. It's coming true for now. Also said I'll have great sex on my birthday. All that it brought was party crashers. Fucking nonsense, this horoscope.

Um, so there was Tarang. Bit of flirting, here and there. I was down with fucking flu for most part of the month and there was NOTHING. Absolutely nothing else that I remember. It was a good month because I don't remember anything.

The badass month of partying where I started drinking again. The significant memories include being drunk for 48 hours straight. Alcohol was flowing like Nile in my system which resulted in Rash. Motherfuckinghorriblerash. I ignored it like a fool and added more alcohol. There were rehearsals. I was officially back in WMS and spending more time with them than anyone else. This was also the month when I stood for department elections and was nominated as the President of our department. Nice.

Pre apocalypse month. Rash mixed with more partying mixed with exams and an empty house. There was conti, rehearsals, shows, boy stuff, bonding and a lot more drama. Also, planned a big farewell for seniors, making it the first official event handled by the new union. Busy-busy-sick-sick-partying-bass playing- fun-sick.

Possibly the most horrifying month ever. I fucked my exams, real bad. My rash was at the peak. Some other stuff was happening simultaneously and that added to more nonsense. I was living on steroid injections, anti-histamines. Off food, most of it and crying. That was it. Suicidal, sick May.

You know they say, how if something bad is at the peak you'll only experience better stuff to come. Yeah, that was June. The graph fell slowly. Rash continued to piss me off. Went to Hong Kong, Macau with folks and it was brilliant change. Scored an internship and a byline (WOOHOO) which was sex. Exams ended and so did second year misery. Not so bad, afterall.

I stalked the writer crush aka editor at the media house I interned with, at an event organized by an independent publishing house where I got my books autographed. Blah blah. So fucking brilliant, isn't it? Then, there was third year. Internship went on just decent. Second year result was out, got first division. Yay. Rash persisted. So did anti-histamines. There were some moments here and there, worth recounting but I'm not typing them here.

Muggy, almost bad, depressing month. Freshers went in- karaoke, dead celebrity themed party. Not bad. Rehearsals went on in full swing, so did rash. Started working out with Dee which was good fun. Third year, as it was expected, turned out to be harder than anything we've ever done. Weird lecturers in class room and rehearsals followed. It was almost surreal, the amount of bass playing and shows that went by this month. I can feel the raindrops and the aftermaths of it even now.

Before you know it, I turned 2o. Party poopers pissed me off more than the events that occured at home which lead me to cancel off everything that people wanted me to do on my birthday. I was fucking annoyed, pms-ing through the month. More bass playing, more shows- including my first gig. Rash was back in full swing with swollen wrists and finger injuries. The month of birthdays was overpowered by bitching and cat fights that took place for the time I wasn't rehearsing. I was practically living at gig-pads and our rehearsal room. Rehearsals to parties. Few ups in other front. I'm happy as a 14 year old.

Disappointing in most fronts. I was just rushing with projects and meeting deadlines like old friend, which was awkward. Everyone in society needed break and we just decided to keep rehearsals slow. This is where I started bass lessons again and they ended even before the bubble bursts. In college, we had to deal with a lecturer who had literally ran away just before semester exams for first years. Tempers were flying. Vacation was wasted procrastinating about things. Hesitation and confusion were the features that were added and would prolong till about the end of this year. Rash had settled, a bit. Just occasional outbreaks. After months, I was relieved. I joined Dram Soc to kill a bit of sanity and extra time that I had. Not.

November had different air. There were shows where I wasn't on stage, yet doing music for our annual production. More late-nights, a little bit of lovin' here and there. Exams fucking came around the corner and I was more screwed than ever. All I was doing was hiding from events and sitting at home, trying to study. Didn't happen. Was distracted beyond measure with things that are useless in nature. Wasting time in short. Also, admission for masters was a thing I picked up. Started applying and there's a natural air of more confusion around. Bass playing at an all time low.

Hello there! Exams, entrances and more exams defined this month. After that was done, most part was spent at home, in bed with iPad. Loaded dice with Ludo and Monopoly. Books, cake baking and a little bit of music. Beautiful month to end this jam packed year. This was the cake I baked couple of days back. Soup stirring, wine and lovely music- the end of this year.

New beginnings and all that.

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  2. this looks wonderful snobster! We r really overjoyed that you tried it and liked it. Please join our blog! We d really appreciate it!


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