Fuck yeah

Friday, December 09, 2011

I want to get out of here and do whatever it takes to stay away from my family. Even if it means to miss exam because there's no one to wake me up or just wash my soiled clothes ridden with mustard sauce.

I don't care about the luxuries I've been accorded with, the ride in car on my way back home from college. Pick up and drop from metros when I'm tired and just everything. I hate each and every entity i am forced to live with her and my dad as of now is on top of the list.

There are somethings which are inexplicable. Perhaps, one of those posts where everyone i know conspires to drive me to insanity and I fucking hate this world knowing that this word is too deep and that he's my father and that my family means the world or whatever that implies.

2011 sucks monkey balls. It does and I want to run away from all these things and people that surround me and name life hell. Gap year maybe, or farming. Anything what it takes to get out of the drill, people. I fucking hate each and every person on the face of this earth.

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