Coke my soul all Knight

Saturday, December 10, 2011

There is a dog sleeping at my feet, succulent kebabs and other delicate mutton snacks on the grill and family that gives me company. Last year we must have had a dozen such evenings in December itself. I would curl myself on the bamboo chair and place the republic on my lap while eating all the munchies. After god knows how many years I'm free around this time of the year with no exam to look forward to and ruin the Christmas break.

Had an emotional breakdown yesterday. I remember when I had last one, very clearly. Ofcourse the consequence were fruitful and that's the reason I bothered to remember but this was different. I had been sick for two days and dad did something. It annoyed me to the level that I proclaimed it all over networking sites.

Now, life's fine. I'm left with one exam for this year and after that i am pretty much doing nothing (prospects of which are highly amusing). It's this phase of solitude. The one which one craves all throughout exams and is overhyped. Yet, there is something missing. Maybe it's the fact that most of your partners in crime are home for vacations and it's Christmas so so it's nice and happy and homeward bound. Whatever works for you.

I have had a fairly lazy day. Went for IELTS first exam, which lasted for little over four hours. After that hung around with cousin D for a bit and went out for smoke with Woman Wednesday (who I must add, was intimidated by cousin D). Followed this by an old episode of glee and food after breakfast. Food consisted of a barbeque, seekh rumali and fried rice.

Speaking of entrances, did I write about the last one prior to today's? I'm particularly chatty today after long and this has got to do with hookah hitting me(which is quite a shame).

About half the world I knew had the same centre as me- school, college, old work friends. Everyone I knew and I'm fond of (amongst friends) was present. It's funny now but WW and I were in the same room. She had come with two of her college friends who've seen me pissed drunk at a friend's party where a lot of crap followed. Also, he was then seeing this classmate of ours and was sober throughout so it just makes things very awkward.

So he's wondering as to how many elite college kids are there and just when I enter wearing our college hoodie, he points to WW that another one has entered. It's then WW told him that it's me and no philosophy isn't elite. Right.

Later, it was awkward meeting him. Awkwardness ensured after paper ended when me and this other friend of mine from campus were suppose to meet- two of my college friends joined us and well, I won't say awkward but there was definitely something fishy with the stifled conversation throughout. The only silver lining is that stiffness has made it to the blog here.

Now love's gone and the bottle of coke zero is empty. I spent 1/10 of my pocket money on buying coke zero cans from Khan only to realise they're made in Doha and I've grown used to the ones manufactured in hong kong. I'm not even fond of the ones made in Guangzhou. I don't know how this will come about considering I finished the last HK bottle today. Funny, how trivial I'm finding the make of my drink right now.

I've an early morning PI to test my English which makes it for yet another exam(fuck my luck). I'll transfer myself on bed and give myself some puckasaurus time. Pip pip!

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