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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Say what you may but Beatles continue to give me enough to make meaningful lyrical conversation. Whatever that means. The stage production I'm part of is heavily inspired by Beatles and since yours truly is responsible for music I'm suppose to be playing what the script demands (sigh). The Shrink Resistant is one script that demands actors who are impeccable. Thankfully for us, we have that, atleast most of them. Rest of them are good actors but I don't know if they're tailor made for role.

Anyhow, this particular scene has the only comical character flirt and letch at the main actor. The track we're putting in background is "I want you so bad" by The Beatles.

From last one month, I can't seem to take it off my head. Today, during a group discussion at college placement (Facebook, User Analyst, commerce crap) I could only think of the track while most people argued whether medicinal marijuana should be allowed to advertise on facebook. Needless to say, I failed that round, wasted Saturday.

People are applying for masters in full swing all around. There is this sense of failure somewhere. I feel like I'm back at where I was in tenth grade, loser of the highest order. There are similarities and they're not helping me. The same I could say about the end of twelfth grade and school when there were doubts and hesitation but this time it's a lot more. It's not merely about admission or placement. It's got more to do with whether or not next thing will workout for future and by future I don't just mean a comfortable apartment that I'll detest sharing with a room-mate, a lazy bum that I'll probably love and share mental space with, family who'd expect a salary of 5ok per month and god knows what all.

I think I should shut up and eat a banana and probably go to sleep or something.

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