I will be around

Monday, November 14, 2011

Not so long ago, I interviewed bunch of musicians. One of the students at the institute caught my eye.

I don't mean to say he was John Mayer hot or something. Fairly average looking, very polite and somewhat bashful. I had a long conversation with him regarding my course at my college. Turned out his mum had taught at our department for a brief while and she too came from philosophy background.

Later during the day, after the interview was over I was asked to stop by and attend the ensemble session where all students were to be put in a band situation and made to jam with each other. This same dude was asked to do vocals for if you want me to stay by sly and family stone.

I remember him very clearly, surpassing the original vocalist and doing the track. Goes without saying, he was brilliant.

I shared our conversation and snippet of information with a friend from college who actually speculated that he could be our ex HOD's son. Ofcourse he isn't but that doesn't make him any less accomplished.

Today, I was listening to funk on shuffle while reading supplementary text on Buddhist quadrelema when I heard if you want me to stay blasting out.

You'll never be in doubt
That's what it's all about
You can't take me for granted and smile
Count the days I'm gone
Forget reaching me by phone
Because I promise I'll be gone for a while
When you see me again
I hope that you have been
The kind of person that you really are now
You got to get it straight
How could I ever be late
When you're my woman takin' up my time

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