Friday, November 11, 2011

I want to write something truly beautiful.

An idea that may capture your attention for a moment in your life.

Something that compels atleast one reader to comment.

Or something that makes you think.

They say, "A drop of ink, may make a million people think."

So, I say, why complicate?

Let's take it from where it is.


I really don't know how it works. What serendipity is or how luck comes to picture.

This is it. Someone explain to me how all of this works. I'm not showing off rationality here, just some fact collection for my new curious self. I've been assuming that what I had was a Murakamiesque moment myself when a friend of mine and I were playing a game. It was fairly simple. With the help of few graphics she'd composed a line, so I had to interpret it and get the name of the track hidden behind those graphics. In the middle of the game, there was a fairly easy one. Before I could shout, "umbrella!", this other classmate who was fiddling with her cell phone clicked on the media player and it sprang to life with, "You have my heart, we'll never be...". At the same fricking moment.

Is it in my head or was it really something? Anyway, umbrella is suppose to be slightly perverted track. Say what you may but I'm a cheap 20 year old who is not exactly living upto her college's name of being a radical feminist.

So, 11/11 - reveal yourself. Homenum Revelio.

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