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Thursday, October 06, 2011

So I possibly can't type a post on blogger with iPad since the application for some vague reason doesn't allow me. Nonetheless, using an iPhone app for this, it's an attempt to type out the last few days which have been rather adventurous and dramatic.

Beginning from as far as I could remember, and that too innocent beginnings, lunch at M's over a movie (source code, can put you to sleep) and that was it, Ud had to distribute food in commemorative service of her cousin so she asked me and M to join,
And so we did.

The plan was to pick up few boxes of filling snacks for underprivileged kids and distribute it amongst them. The clever plan failed when at 6 pm on the road we couldn't fine anyone to distribute food to. We were temple hopping to spot kids and ended up stopping at this shady corner of a road to see few labourers. I think that was the best after kids we could do so we began giving out food boxes and fruits to people who we thought looked "malnourished" and "poor".

After a while, we decided to go back home and distribute the rest of the boxes at red lights where kids usually throng car windows to sell stuff. We found a lady begging, with partial view of her bosom (enough to turn on Ud's driver to roll down his window). Now this is where shit started. We gave that lady a box and an apple and she started howling for her partners in crime to come for food. In the middle of all this, we gave a few boxes to a guys selling magazines who in turned wanted us to buy their magazines. By the time those other hawkers and beggars came, there were about twenty people thronging our car from all sides almost slapping on the windows to give then money and food. Meanwhile, this little kid also joined the gang of hooligans and we thought of slipping him an apple.

M rolled the window down from her side and this female put her hand inside the car. She tried to snatch couple of boxes with the apple. The bag which had the apples was in my hand and in perfect display of clumsiness, I dropped the bag inside the car in the between the gears and the seats. M was still struggling to get that lady's hand off the food, Ud and I were trying to pick apples up and the light turned green. Traffic was maddening and here we are, in the middle of this crossing, with a dozen beggars trying to make their way through car windows and M still struggling to give an apple to that kid.

The apple got stuck between the window while M tried to give it. God alone knows what happened, the apple got cut in two pieces, one on our side and one on the road with apple juice squished all over the car window. As dramatic as it may sound, her hand was still in the car and I think only when driver tried to move, did she remove her hand. On the otherside, this kid was trying his best to sell "People" to Ud and she was trying best to say no.

As luck would have had it, we were not able to cross and light turned red again. Few meters down from where we were those beggars flocked the car again, this time with that female displaying her arm to us, from driver's window. Again with so many people on the car it was same until signal turned green and we got out of there.

Can never possibly forget that sight of squishing apple juice rolling down on car window. That was quite a moment, the kind we usually seek when we are out watching a movie (or something like that what Savile said).

If this was not all, it was nearly the same yesterday with woman Wednesday and homie. Met after three months which was followed by a serious long conversation (which is best left unsaid here).

I don't know why and how we decided to go Pandal hopping but that was something. I think anything you "do" with people you love is something. Well, it involved buying plastic toys from the hawker selling balloons, a whistle of a sort that we'd blog each time we saw a rather funnily dressed person at any Pandal which was followed by a fiasco buying soda. The man demanded four times the amount of any non alcoholic beverage for a glass of soda and we were left on the road cursing him. It nay not sound as funny while reading it but surely cracked us up as we walked back. And walked from all those places where I would usually hang out when I was in school, when I was 15 or so.

The idea of typing it on iPad was purely because of the number of messages people have left for Jobs after his demise today. I, too, In my own sweet way am celebrating his life ( or not) by typing this out on what was his product. Brecht would hate me but I still got to do him. Funny how I'll do his vision on political theatre and make a parallel with Marx on a creation which he would probably be against but this is how things go. You contradict and go ahead, you grab opportunities to derive that one time moment that wouldn't have been possible with your limited knowledge.

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