“If you need me, use me. Don’t you see?”

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today's day has been strange. Rather, strange week. Ending to that had to be strange, in a Murakamiesque fashion. I wish I could explain but somehow words don't lend meanings when you can't bring them to use effectively and that is what I'm fumbling about.

I ended up writing a longish post on one of those anon websites. I don't know why I did it. If you were to ask me five years back to do something like this, I'd be a sucker for credits etc. Now, I try to remain as discreet as possible, trying to be away from things I've done and things I want to do. No acknowledgement. It helps me forget stuff which is at a level very comforting idea to refer to. Think of it, most miseries arise out of memories- of things that have happened and dreams that you compose. It would be a fairly boring yet happy world if we put an end to referring to both of them.

Strangeness in the day involved partly the behaviour of a rather nosey neighbour. I spent major chunk of the day stark alone in the house. One of those days when even my sibling was away. I don't usually get such chances but when I do, I try to make most of it. Today's agenda included presentation for Aesthetics which is due for tomorrow. I was glued to laptop for most of the time, ignoring the wall clock showing me that I've skipped more than necessary number of meals for the day.

Anyhow, not describing how morose the day was. My cousin came over for a while and we had a good time chatting up. I went out to see him off after he finished his cup of tea that I brewed for him. Had a rather good time talking about jazz, his adorable daughters and how he survived a heart attack (I kid you not, it makes for an interesting blog post but it's his story so I can't do it). So, when he left, my neighbour (aka peeping Tom) was hanging out on her balcony with two kids, one of them slightly ill-mannered, other one too young to impress me. She asked me first thing, "Who is the guy?". Potential answer was something obnoxious but I told her the real thing. Then she asked me if XYZ was his real name, "Yes, it is. How do you know?". More questions down, she confirmed the fact that he's the same guy and told me that he was her school senior.

Anyhow, if that wasn't creepy, she goes on telling me about how cute my sister and boyfriend are and how her boyfriend comes home these days.


My sister has a boyfriend?

When did that happen? When did he come home? How the fuck does she know the name?

I paste on a beautiful stained fake smile and answer, "Yes, indeed, they're really cute together. It's her time to enjoy right now, I say let her."

Proceeding from here, dinner table conversation with my grandfather about the on screen couple in a movie we were watching. He told me exact details about the couple, how they'd broken up in real life during the shooting of the movie citing precise reasons as to why that happened. (I read it in the paper and he heard it on the radio.) I love him for this and other reasons that include bear hug, for buying me 8k worth of CD's a day before my accountancy exam and for pampering and loving me like no one else.

I had a very fulfilling day. What about you?

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