The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I've officially declared myself as a slacker, escapist and jobless. Having said that and ignoring the applications for masters, I'm still wondering if it's worth it to try and seek permission to see Indian Ocean tonight. They're playing at one of the Pujo Pandals in North. For free. The issue is travelling. Back and forth from North, in the evening, alone. Also, since the performance is free, I don't quite know how much will I be able to catch since I've been caught in the stampede once during a public performance of a band (which wasn't free). Well, I guess one needs to take that much risk.

First term is over and seems like time is flying after consuming couple of cans of Red Bull. After a dozen assignment and project submissions, I'm still left with quite some to do over this week and then back to drudgery. Goa, for the competition is not happening which makes me all the more gloomy because I have not been for any outstation fest, and probably won't now. Bleh.

Had a bass lesson which sucked. Sucked 'cause I was reminded again how bad my technique is and how I fail as a bassplayer. There are things that I can never master or try to do with finesse. One of them is playing the bass. Inspite of that, I attempt and each time I come close to making myself believe that I can, boom. Reality check: I can't.

This existentialist attitude towards everything is quite a bitch and frankly it's sinking in me. I have my moments of happiness which is as close as having my birthday each day but it's really temporal. Come to think of it, everything is temporal. This phase. That phase. Phases come and go, all what remains is a the after effects of what takes place in those phases. I don't want to subscribe to the notion of momentariness but probably I will have to with the premise I've established. I think of mood swings over momentariness but then I'm no one to think and decide. I mean, Nagarjuna would be rolling in his grave if he gets to read the comparison I'm making, but I think our knowledge towards Indian Philosophy after studying it for two years is good enough to make him curl in mortuary.

Which brings me to almost sensational news. One of our lecturers absconding. And by that I mean quite literally. His phone's switched off for past two weeks (I think a little longer) and he's not informed about his whereabouts or going on leave to anyone. Neither at workplace nor students. Which puts us in jeopardy since his paper is pretty complicated piece of shit that I'm having tough time applying myself and first years, who write their University exam in less than a month. I could be easy and chilled but situation doesn't allow, since the alternate that the college is getting for us is..worse. She taught us for a brief time in first year and holy mother of God, she can't teach to save her life. She cannot possibly hold the class together, teaching is altogether different thing. Amongst other useless stuff she spoke in first year, she told us how never to drink, smoke and do drugs. But, doing all that is still fine as long as you don't fall in love, "Never fall in love. It's the worst." Okay, ma'am. Point taken.

I think she had a bad time with some bloke from Hindu because she'd be persistent enough and tell us, "Never fall in love with any guy from Hindu College. Specially, anyone doing Political Science." Okay then. I'll keep that one in mind. Then usual eccentric stuff (yeah, I'm talking like that's normal, which it is if you're subjected to her classes), like "Eat Atta Maggi", "Anything that comes out of your body is waste: sweat, urine, shit, babies." I've heard the college she's currently teaching in, the syllogism she prefers using is "All Muslims are Terrorist". Right.

Okay, since I don't give a fuck about nothing, I shan't panic. I shan't give a damn about writing SOP and writing TOEFL or IELTS. Also, won't care about going for Indian Ocean's concert. Won't do drugs. Won't fall in love.

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