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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not so long ago, I used to fancy this boy from my Accountancy Tuition. I say accountancy for a reason. Math tuition had 3 boys in the class of 27 girls making it very disproportionate to like someone. Also, those 3 guys were useless. But we're talking of accountancy classes, where I met nerds of the highest order, including the pretty boy crush I fussed about for twofuckingyears (what was I thinking?). I've even mentioned him in some of the posts here, very mushy-naive-funny-anecdote around my 16 birthday. Gee.

This is also the time when I crushed on pretty boys. I didn't give a flying fuck if the guy didn't read or wore pink. If I liked the dude's face, period, I liked him. There was a time, when I was head over heels in school girl love with this guy, who apparently looked like Daniel Radcliffe. Those days, I was into Harry Potter so much so that I ended up liking him. That's another story that many years down the line, he started dating this absolute bitch, who in no which way knew him (I mean to say, this guy and girl were in separate tuitions and I attended both of them- for math and science). I was utterly disappointed when I found that out. I guess, a part of me was crushed.


This isn't about any one of them. This is about my first talented our-wave lengths match crush. He wasn't prototypical pretty. In fact, he was the opposite of pretty. He wore just about anything to classes (including boxers, which is just so hot). He resembled this famous musician and I used to refer to him by the musicians nickname (if I give it away, some readers might be able to figure out who I am talking about, which I frankly, don't want to, hence). So, yeah, he had messy, soft curls and was tall for most guys I knew.

Like I mentioned, I had a major crush on this particular guy who was too pretty for words and wore pink T-shirt while I wore black. He didn't speak at all (in those two years, the only time he spoke was to say thank you, while returning my pen, once). Not just to me, but to anyone. Now that I look back, I wonder why, why on Earth did I waste two whole years fussing about him but the answer is right in-front of me. He was a national level sports guy (this is a big give away for those who're reading this and have attended those same classes for me). His best friend from school knew my best friend and she, too, had a crush; on his best friend.

So, we were dreamy girls, living in the delusions that we'd go on double dates with the respective guys and since all four of us were short, it'd be perfect. You know the usual crap you envision while you're feeling all weak in the knees. Well, none of that happened. She had a fairly embarrassing situation with him once when he came to her place during Diwali and that, was the end of it for them.

Towards the end of 12 grade, I'd lost my patience with the pretty boy. He just wouldn't speak, was probably the laziest, shy guy ever and I was just the opposite- hyper, talkative. I had given up on him and was taken in by a lot of bass playing and working hard to make it to college. Blah blah. Since, the bass playing came about, I started listening to The Doors a lot. I don't know why, they don't exactly have anything bass worthy but I was just obsessed with them, then. So, this tall-unconventional pretty boy resembled the Lizard King (there you go, I gave it away).

Our tuition teacher had organised a "how to improve your memory" seminar just before boards. My mother had forced the crap out of me to attend. The seminar shit was attended by merely 4 people. One nerd, Lizard King, my classmate (who went to the same coaching centre as me) and me. The only person who asked questions, was remotely interested in the stuff that man spoke was Lizard King. Later, that day, when I was walking back home with school friend, she mentioned how she found Lizard King smart and engaging. So, there was another person, other than me, who was potentially interested in him. Good. That's what I needed. Just another person. I was attracted not just because he spoke, but he had this aura about himself, that guys, whom I like now, have. If I may sum it in a word, he was smart.

I shared details about Lizard King with my friends from school and after a little bit stalking, I found him on facebook. This was the time, when facebook's primary purpose was not to stalk others but just add acquaintances and blah, write on their wall. Simple times. When he accepted my request, I ran to call my friend and read out the contents of his profile (which wasn't much) since he's uninterested in the social networking sites. One thing caught my eye, his status which was "married". I still remember sharing this bit with a close friend and that was the beginning of my appreciation of men with wit/humour/slightly deranged/very talented (you'll know later).

Later, by the time, all these crushes had faded, I met this person in college (who went on to becoming one of my closest friends, still is). They were from the same school. I mentioned about him and she didn't have any positive thing to say about him. Right from the fact that he was anti social to that, he wasn't popular (he comes from one of those schools, where name tag sells, so I am not surprised he didn't probably give two hoots about it). Except, that he's one of the best vocalist in school and played at odd gigs. He was also into basketball, not exactly my favourite but it seemed interesting. I didn't like that girl much, that day and for many days that passed but my admiration for Lizard King grew ten folds.

Later, I told the friend about how I liked him and she was surprised. By then, the line of blokes I was crushing on had turned different. I started digging people who could write, compose and read. Maybe, if they were productive/talented, I'd like them more.

Today, while scrolling the home-feed on facebook, I read what this over enthusiastic, pixie like friend (I have doubts about that friend part, I wasn't popular by that level) had posted on his wall,

"You're married?"

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