(Looking for) The heart of a Saturday Night

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fridays, 4 pm seem to be the moment to look forward to. Apparently, that's when the third year classes end after starting at 8:45 on Mondays. Making it sound this dramatic doesn't help but it adds to the effect of being drained out.

Ending the suspense, Delhi University came out with our result two (or was it three?) days ago. Yours truly has been bestowed with the tag of first division mugger, at the rate of being lousy, which is just touching upon that auspicious tag. What I am really interested in, is to see which paper(s) I fucked up and how far is Delhi University correct when they judge me on it.

If you haven't realised so far, college is really getting hectic. From library to taking orders for books to chasing juniors to attend GBM's, everything's just running around in a crazy speed. Presidentship demands work and that takes time. Might (might) just join the western music society this year (ie, only if they need a bass player). They're known for the acapella and due to this fact, the instrumentalist aren't needed. Also, the college lacks a drummer. Somehow, the bass player is left in a corner, carrying amp and bass and looking around to playing on it's own, audible to herself (which btw, has defined my bass playing for last two years). This is the reason, I prefer playing for myself and end up restricting my playing to the intervals where it satisfies me. Happened to meet a senior yesterday who suggested I should join a school or maybe a group like AU or something but for more than 5 reasons, I am done with this whole "underground" scene here and the "budding" brilliant musicians. I'd rather limit myself boldly to the realms of not giving any leverage to any such person/band.

After ages what it seems, folks were out and I was completely alone at house. What a gorgeous feeling it is, to do whatever you feel like, to cook naked (not stretching the truth), to wash the dishes to the sound of Sonny Rollins and read a book later only to be interrupted by sibling returning home after battling with mathematics from her remedial classes. Even she has a performance coming up sometime next week, as much as I hate the underground scene, I'd like to see her play but it's an interschool event so I doubt if the only boys school would be scandalised to have female audience but let's see.

Oh, the best part of the classes are aesthetics. The classes are mindfucking brilliant and I'm clueless about the subject because of my lack of knowledge about the same but I'm enjoying the classes (so far :) ). Even Religion seems interesting as to whatever little we've done. Ethics sound drab but I've heard very positive things from my seniors so I'm assuming it to get better. As far as Indian Philosophy is concerned, I'm looking forward to the texts but as of now, it's really crashing out of my head. Either it's the lack of basic knowledge (more like blaming my memory) or the rash breakout in most of the classes is just keeping me away from paying attention. That was a very first week sort of a reaction to the classes. I'm sure with the amount of work coming up, I'll probably be back with the rant next weekend or whenever I get time to write.

Now that the weekend has finally stepped in, there is a writer's workshop (or a talk, not sure) happening tomorrow night at HKV where couple of Delhi writers will deliver a talk. This saturday night in real sense would be a "best night ever" (even if it isn't, it's a saturday atleast). Oh, how I love weekend. The pleasure of curling on the bed and reading at the dead of the night. The bass playing that innocently follows writing. Even homework seems pleasant when it's carried out in my room. The realisation of happiness is at home. Happiness is where the bedroom is.

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