Cheeseball and Anorexia

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I've been having a series of bad/curious dreams. Bad for one because I have attended two funerals and that was pretty much on my head the day it happened. Now, not being Harry Potter here but this one just stood out. Amongst the whole lot, this was the most "positive" ("atleast it wasn't somebody's cremation", said Sinner, on BBM).

I was at this party, engagement of an old crush with his ex-girlfriend (I've seen them both snogging, yet never had an ounce of regret, they made a good couple). He looked anorexic, no really. This detail just stands out. With the nest of unkempt hair on his head in shocking pink Sherwani/Kurta with pale gold chooridar he stood with his friends. The ex-girlfriend was in an outfit that was outrageously gaudy, if I may say so, in comparison with her dressing style (which is very chic). In a fuschia and bottle green outfit with a lot of kohl, she stood with a gloomy face. I am not friends with the ex and we haven't spoken beyond usual "what's up?" but I always thought (and still do) that she's rather sweet (I have no idea why am I being life is sunshine la la la happiness about her). That was dream.

Strangely enough, the old crush in story has a new girlfriend (and I sort of have an idea how she looks like except I don't have any conscious memory of meeting her). She was no where around when I entered with two of my girlfriends (Sinner and Pizzadisha). Again, I remember eating cheeseballs with Pizzadisha and Sinner chatting up with her could be/someday would be/hoping for/not anymore boy who is ex-crush's good friend.

My memory wheezes to next minute where I'm looking for the boy as he's no where to be seen. Sometime into the party, when Sinner was hogging on Mango Souffle, I walk upto her and ask, "Seen him around? Why isn't "she" here?"

That's all I remember or I guess. I think he ran away or something. Don't know, don't care.

When I recited this to both of them, Sinner said she's glad there was food and Pizzadisha asked me if the cheeseballs were vegetarian and if they were tasty. I don't think there was anything else in the dream worth remembering.

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