Saturday, June 04, 2011

This year is sucking more than usual, more than I expected. For the reasons being several let me begin with the exam misery (that is still pounding hard on my *&&^(^%%^*) Yeah. Go decode this, (when &=4). Solution on page 394872.

So yeah, concurrent exams are buzzing on my head and they are right here (You mean, this Monday?) and I am barely in the state of mind to sit at one place with e-books in order (Manfred Steger, how you bore me and Alan Carr you're just hopeless, puns intended). If this isn't all, my hives breakout is pretty darn strong and keeping me at the edge to cry at the drop of the hat. Expecting a friend in another few minutes- to pick up "stuff" for exam. Fair enough. I gotta be the only retard on Earth, having all notes, books in order and yet not interested to go through them. Sigh.

Summer Vacations are exploding all over and people decided to take refuge by fleeing out of Delhi- reason why I'm finding it totally claustrophobic right know to picture myself all alone going to work-going to college to volunteer for admissions (since I'm the ONLY one who is in Delhi, it's rather forced than optional). Meanwhile, others get to romance with Greece, Italy, Beirut, Kashmir, Pondicherry, Switzerland, Vegas, London, Macau and Beijing. My folks, too, are fleeing to the last two destinations for a little more than a week and half in the midst of all this (leaving me in shit with my admission volunteering and rash). I'm suppose to be the goddess of domestication yet again and manage to work, cry and fail on time. Fair enough, everyone needs a vacation but dude, where the fuck is mine?

My bass playing is as good as my reading. I can apply the same sentence for both of them, "I used to read/play the bass. Now I just talk about it." (courtesy some dude on twitter).

You know out of all this I listed, what's the toughest thing to do?

Hold yourself from reading- blogs, news, cartoons, anything on the internet while you're forced to read Globalization. My mother has a funny way of applying karmic theory. While I rant out as to how boring Cosmopolitan Democracy is, she tells me it's Karma biting me because I love to read Cosmopolitan. Okay.

Either ways, I have two magazines next to me- one with the title saying Short Story Special and other on Green Rupee. I guess it's matter of time till my conscious is holding me against it- till exams get over. I need to slip out of that and read it. Shh.

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