The Ostrich is bored

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My grandfather doesn't quite bond with me when it comes to my story telling technique and I agree with him. I just lack the fine quality of narrating the age old thing. There is no shine or punch line but just the essence for you to grasp if you're smart enough. Or if you've ever been subjected to be my audience while I'm making a parallel with some fable. I often end up saying, "but you got the essence, right?" Yeah, but that killed the point of dispute.

Today again, I do that and google doesn't save me. This one is pretty famous account of the ostrich that encountered some fierce animal and that animal planned to devour it. Anyhow, the ostrich being the ostrich decided to hide itself by burying it's head in the ground with the belief that, "hey, if I can't see 'em, they can't see me either. Snap!". I don't want to discuss the consequences of the particular action but I can tell you one thing. I live with a lot of osctrich(es) and I call them family. Because, no one fucking gives a shit here. I might be over reacting and yes I'm old enough to claim my independence but there are unavoidable things when you live in a house as a "unit" and you got to fix them or help fix it. Apparently, that doesn't happen here. You get freedom to go fuck your hives yourself but won't get that freedom to decide where to get your waxing done from.

My urticaria is full blown at the moment (that explains the vent) and I'm in the middle of my vacations. I'm heading towards Macau and Hong-Kong for less-than-the-fingers-on my-left-hand-days(haha, talk about being claustrophobic in Delhi). However, I return back midway and my folks continue with China (or so we've planned). As soon as I get back, I start with my intern (that has been postponed some five times already) and yeah head to college for volunteering etc.

Speaking of intern, I went to the swanky media house where all my life I used to think "I'd own this place one day". You know the place where you show your family, friends, crows and even one in a million platonic crush and tell "you see this building, one day I'm going to rule this." So much so for saying that, I'm working as an intern for the same. My first day so to speak was strictly average and there are no "colleagues", "desk" or "food" that awaits me. Boohoo. So much so for claiming to own the building some day.

It's late enough for me to escape into the slumber as I leave in no less than 24 hours. I need to shove up sedatives and other medicines to get some sleep and hopefully peace. Maybe dreams of positive freedom as well. I am going to miss my grandfather and Delhi a lot more than anything else. This is my problem. I run around the circles of illogical arguments, just like the ostrich.

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