One of those days

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The occurrence of such days are rare, like one of those that comes once in 12oo years or something and you know you can never ever live this day, the feeling. The beauty of such a day is the fulfilment of goals with the brimming positivity. Anyhow, verbosity later. I got my very first newspaper byline today- yeah. It happened and it's a great feeling waking up to a text saying, "hey read ur byline today on gk mkt!! Showed it to my parents too. Congrats :)". Trust me, no other feeling in the world can match up to knowing the city will probably or have read you. (I'm just pushing it further but it's beautiful). Actualization of a goal, one of them atleast. Now, I'd shoot myself if this happens to be first and last because I'm really, really hoping for my next story to come about. Considering, the track record at office, I doubt if it actually will but research for this story has been a part of the "brilliant" today and I've been extremely lucky with this topic (or so I'd like to believe).

Second thing to be mentioned was the "interview"/"meeting" with a bunch of musicians who have just come up with a music school in Delhi. I had it in mind to join this particular place except I had an internship in my kitty and choosing between a course and work was not that hard. A little bit of nerve stretching for next story and I thought about covering the institute. Now, the hard part is convincing/writing a piece which pushes my boss to run it down (which is very hard). Like I mentioned, other interns had their pieces pending for a month till they approved it and I'm just worried about acceptance of next story. Whatever it may be, I hope they don't give piece of shit like that came on last day while I was filing it. More on that later.

The institute itself is a good start in India for training in music and overall pleasant change from "hobby class" approach that claims to teach you "guitar, keyboard" et al. I'm saying this because my bass lessons (for as long as they were) were based on the same lines, less or no structure but then the matter was such that you can differentiate from the people claiming to teach you to play for the sake of playing and people teaching you for knowledge and playing systematically. Once you've identified the fine line, only then can you actually look forward to some learning. Now, my point isn't to dissuade people from learning music from such hobby classes so to say but to merely point out the difference. I'm digressing but as a research I had a a good time meeting the people, including a bass teacher from Berklee (who I swear looked like an upright bass). You know, the weird images that form in your mind? The kind they usually show in cartoons where Tom sees the duckling as roast duck or something. You get the drift right? Yeah, same way, I don't know why but the bass player seemed like a walking upright bass (puns intended, hah). Not poking fun or anything but to make things light here, however, I was at awe. The bass case with Berklee tag was enough to almost drool at the sight (I know how I controlled the saliva). I hope things work out somehow.

Now that the "partyin'" is over the main work remains, writing, a feature so solid that the boss considers running it (and it's going to be one big surprise if she agrees). Well, time to say goodbye to a gorgeous day. If you want me to stay, put in a word to the people at my office.

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