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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Do you have a photographic memory?

Do you feel that you've been depressed for a long time?

Do you feel your alter ego is prettier than you?

If your answer to anyone of them is yes, then you're a psychology student.

The perils of writing a paper in some 36 hours. Joyous.
Apparently, half the things I read, I believe- Hm, I have been there/experienced that. Deja Vu. I must be suffering from poor body image/self with conflict/been raped by my alter ago/have bipolar disorder/ look, unicorn!

Which is funny that I was going through old pictures of this so called reunion almost an year ago and memories of which still haunt me- so bad that I dreamt about running all over the corridor with CJ (though knowing me, I usually don't run) and looking for a water bottle. Somehow, I realised this today that I can't picture half of them in school uniform and neither can I picture them in their respective new-improved-grown up facebook pictures. It's this way, that for each one, I have a specific image fixed in mind.

So if it's Homie, I remember her overshadowed in her gangster like blazer and Woman Wednesday looking homeless in that blazer and obnoxious length kurta's sleeves. Gee-gee eating in class sitting next to me, passing me a bite of phulka and bhindi while pretending to listen to Jo harping about Maslow's theory. I clearly remember I.F. and me sitting on the last bench, once during the unit tests- discussing if we both are capable of cheating (since none of us had studied for the specific test) and many a times during deep stimulating conversations, usually centred about our uselessness in many fields. Then, there were the characters from class- the lesbian couple (the girl from the couple has blossomed into a nagging girlfriend, or so I interpret with her status updates on facebook with her boyfriend) and this other gangster side of the class that pretty much despised me (hey, the feelings were mutual). That side had couple of my friends too, so just eye contacts during the moments in class- during English when our pretty, chic teacher would facepalm every time she got an opportunity to correct our notebooks. There are friends, who I remember as kids only (even though we hung around together till the school farewell) and the time we spent together at the school trips, sharing the shady room and buying our stock of fries to survive. Blame this on psychology and the mind to show you images that you want to see (insert your own theory since I suck monkey balls at psychology).

Whatever it maybe, school was intolerable- my memory tells me from as far as I could remember. People had perceptions about me and the image I had wasn't the best but at this stage it seems the best to explore it. I want to know what and how people remember me as, it will be embarrassing, at large- I might deny being that person but it's fun to see what human mind sees you as.

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