Tag number 26

Monday, May 23, 2011

Because I'm still a teen and I can afford to be stupid (and pretend to save the world later- from rapture) I decided to do a tag (all the uber cool people I know are out of town and have a better social life than mine) meanwhile.

A- Anisha. Period.

Acrobat maybe (A for Acrobat is the first thing after my name that comes to my mind, like A for Apple. Get it?).

B- Bass. Bass player. Bassie.

C- Condescending. Credits. Craic (I love the sound of "craic" specially when you're slightly high)

D- Dementors. Seriously. I couldn't have said Descartes.

E- Eggs. I love boiled egg white with pepper and sea salt. It reminds me of morning snack before school. Back then, I used to enjoy egg white with ketchup. I've grown up slightly, now.

F- Fuglorable. Who am I kidding? It's got to be frosting.

G- Growing pain. Groan. Grown.

H- Hash brown. Hungover (Oh lord, that reminds me of the terrible hangover I'm battling from no fucking thing. Or maybe, it was Demerara, the culprit).

I- Insignificant. Isn't it? iSocrates (teeheehee that greek class)

J- Jobless. Current state of mind and otherwise too. Jam, I love jam with toasted brown bread.

K- Knight. Teehee. In the shining armour.

L- Loitering around. A phrase too common in school.

M- Mander, Anaximander. Just couldn't think of anything else.

N- Nous. N00b. Next.

O- Orangutan or Okra. Oak tree.

P- Psychedelic tree lights.

Q- Quod erat demonstradum

R- Roulette (someone I met recently asked me, "have you ever played roo-leet?")

S- Stoned. Soap. Soak.

T- Tantalize.

U- Urticaria. Fucking annoying.

V- Vendetta. Muahaha.

W- Writing. Wages. Wedges would do too.

X- Xerxes. Xylophone- a christmas present from Santa Claus.

Y- Yak meat burger. Craving. Lamb burger last night were a big flop.

Z- Zonked, now. Hence, goodknight.

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