May the Fourth be with you

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If Wikipedia is trustworthy, then my Blog's 4 birthday and the Rapture (that I don't even understand why are people giving a fuck about) will be on the same day. This is where the whole lecture of philosophy steps in and I step back without having to explain that Socrates is mortal and so are we so shut the fuck up and accept death will come someday.

Four years ago, I started sharing my rant on the world wide web and I've been regular at it, ever since. People who I ranted about have gone and new ones have come and this blog's been there forever (so I'd like to believe, also it sounds nice).

Cheers to the togetherness and the patience this page has exemplified. Never said a word to me about my cribbing.

That's called the "form of good".

Oh, oh. It's SaaleB's birthday. Courtesy Facebook and all. Shout out for a happy happy year to the birthday boy, too!

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