Friday the 13 Happens

Friday, May 13, 2011

Never knew until this day that itching could really become pain. Urticaria has fucked the life of me and I've tried everything, 4 doctors, kerosene oil (drank it, yes), homeopathic, allopathic. Blah. I don't even want to talk about it now. When rash hits you, it feels like death. It's annoying, painful and irritating, much like mathematics except living it physically. So, I am somewhere hoping my folks to realise that there is no way you can fix this, thanks to the internet available on my phone, I surfed all possible websites and got to know you have to live with it. Trust me, reading those forums makes feel suicidal.

Had my first University exam today which was fucked up beyond recognition. They photocopied 2007's paper and shoved it down our ass. Infact, last night when I was reading it off, my only thought was, "whoever would've gotten this paper would've cried their butt off." only to realise it's going to be in less than 12 hours. That, triggered on rash during paper and had it all over my palms. To make matters worse, forget first division. Apparently, I've fucked one entire question and answered something else. 15 marks are off the 75 marker and hence doomsday.

Got home to realise, that about the answer and the further aggravated. I'm confused in a way. I want rash to go but the only medicines that sort of puts it off is Atarax which is a fucking sedative and I can't think straight after taking that. One dose puts me to sleep for good 16 hours straight and once off this, I got to look at my rash and cry in pain. This is vicious circle because stress is an irritant and each time I think about it, it adds to my pain.

Next up is Greek which is a big paper for two reasons. One, because I've fucked my first so I got to rub my ass here and second being, it's Greek. I don't understand the point of studying the mothereffers who believe in plurality and deny other's plurality or even while you say knowing music comes out of not knowing music and knowing music.

Blah, rash again. Night is young and Aristotle is virginal.

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