Friday, April 22, 2011

Just fitting in a small post covering my whereabouts, preparatory leave and my allergy. Alternating between full time essays and battling stomach infection, fever and rash. This, however, has been the aftermath of various parties (farewell, Continuation blah blah) in the span of two weeks. That meant, a lot of alcohol and food and food being Italian. Hm, if you know what Italian cuisine does to me you won't need any explanation.

Bass playing has reduced also because the cable has broken down and I'm not leaving home even to go to college or buy books so unless I get a new cable that can't continue. Generally, other than being sick and exams approaching there's nothing new that I'd like to add or probably that's happening.

That's pretty much about it, will hop in again and update the status of essays. Btw, I ain't studying. Wasted a week sleeping due to sedatives in the darned anti allergy. So much for rant on Kant and Socrates. Pop goes the Sophist. Pop.

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