It's Sugarcoated, Beach

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The problem with writing this one is, I'm going to be biased. Not only because I work with them, but this album has been recorded almost infront of me. I was a part of the studio tracking, the gossip and the takes that were never right. If you're an old rookie here, you'll know my love for Cyanide (and probably those from school who've been subjected to my obsession with the band will know it the best) and the review I wrote long, long ago. Anyhow, this one is different, perhaps 'cause I am writing as a fan, not as a critic. Pardon my hypocrisy but it's sugarcoated. How can you possibly not be affected?

Cyanide's been in the underground music scene ever since I remember, the orkut days when people would spam Rohan Solomon's (lead vocals, guitar) account and that was because of their stint at Channel V Launchpad. If you are unaware of this then let me add, they finished in the top four in that show. Almost every one I knew from school had in turn crushed on then lead Guitarist Rohan Kale (current bass player) and yeah pretty much, Cyanide was "the thing" then.
Fast forward three years, they've come out with their first studio album, Sugarcoated and I was one of the blessed ones who got it way before the rest of you (and for those of you who are looking for a reason, keep wondering).

Coming to the "Sugarcoated" Cyanide, the album's got 12 tracks- new recording, catchy lyrics that you'll find yourself humming to while you're attending a western philosophy class and posting it as your facebook status update that says "XYZ says I need money to live I ain't looking to survive." (which will make you very cool and RoSo swears by the fact that you'll get atleast 5 people asking you where did you get this cool line from).

Speaking about their music, the album is refreshing change from their EP, probably because there's a whole lot of layering in this album. Amongst their signature tracks, Cool Breeze on Camel's Back stands out with the harmonica. My bitch has been my favourite cyanide track so I'm going to partial and say it's the sound of Cyanide. Period. However, you should listen to it because of Nikhil Malik's crunchy guitar line. Somehow, by the end of it you'll end up shouting, "You're my beach, my beach, my beach you know!". Their single Money has left it's impact at many I know because of the sing-along lyrics and the radio launch. Also, you'll hear the best of Srijan Mahajan on this one (in my humble opinion, that is).

Miss Lane has got to be the weakest track on the album, maybe because I prefer the old version that my ears are accustomed to which is fast paced. Next in Line and Hard Endeavour are well produced with the neat layering. My personal favourite from Sugarcoated? Find You. I've heard it on loop for long and it's just making me smile with the positive (upbeat) lyrics. One thing has to be appreciated when it comes to Cyanide and that is their song writing capability be it about falling in love with a ghost or about nature (Home).

Like I've mentioned, this review might be slightly biased but overall it's a great listen. Go ahead and buy it for their song writing ability, for RoSo's smooth baritone and if you want an alternative take to the existing alternate rock . This cheap publicity aside, I can assure you one thing, the cover is sugarcoated and won't leave you disappointed and for this reason I'm battling sugar rush right now.

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