It's so white as snow

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Growing up is a funny process. It takes time and when it comes to be, it just happens..without you coming to know. Going by the kid context, I've grown up quite a bit since last week. Emotionally and mentally. Also, it's safe to say, I've had the best week in college ever. Well, not exactly a week but the time spent with the western music society and jamming essentially. Think of it like this, everyone needs a break from their routine and I enjoyed my break with them.

Not only in terms of my bass playing (time signature to be precise) but in general, you know the kind when you have rediscovered a part of yourself which you never realised before and you've enjoyed being with that. I've met absolute strangers only to lived my week with them and enjoying much more than what I do on everyday basis with my friends (as naive as it may appear). It's not like I don't enjoy the company of my friends but sometimes you need a space to just realise and I think this was the perfect time to find it. With a lot of other things that have been crossing my mind time and again I think this was the best break I have taken.

As far as my performance was concerned, it was strictly average. My solo was barely audible on stage and amongst the compliments I got, Greek Lecturer stopped by to ask "my role on stage?". Yeah, but other than that I don't think I was disappointed with the turnout. Okay, it wasn't for me but selfish purpose aside, those who really turned to watch this, big thank you to them. Probably, I'm repeating myself but just that performance and making of the person, I was helped me immensely. Okay, I'll end it but I guess I need to do something about bass playing and probably look for a drummer. Which almost reminds me to add, the drummer I played with was a sweetheart. I don't even know his name (yeah, I am daft) but I swear with the patience he exemplified and in general he made me very comfortable and jammed well with him. Infact, if I were to sum up it was like living Glee. That's it. Anyway, people have issues about me being so vocal about my love for my bass playing and how over the top I behave and talk when it comes to playing it. Fuck it man, society can never see you happy.

Went to descend to amend for a friend of the channels that had broken down.

Now you bring it up, I'm gonna ring it up - just to hear you sing it out.

Step from the road to the sea to the sky, and I do believe what we rely on,

When I lay it on, come get to play it on

All my life to sacrifice.

I don't think any amount of explanation can ensure justice to the life I sorta lived. With no time in hand the only time I would come was to crash ensuring that I'd pile on beer. Excuse being cricket. After that, practise some, do a whole lot of department work for farewell and then crash. Like my little stint as a bass player or just doing my own thing. My schedule didn't allow me to sit down for a moment and think what is happening. It's only after it ended that it sinked in, no practise, no games and no hangouts. College and home- work and strictly living on hi-hello with a few in class. That's it.

However, my hangover was enough to run even that down at the Puja Party I went to. Christ, felt like I'm attending my wedding, everyone was DRESSED in heavy outfits and jewellery to show-off. I was wondering if I was over done with a casual kurta and salwar that's been lying in my closet for four years now. Only person who was dressed on the spectrum as me was Sinner but I guess it's okay. Like I can't fucking dress up so much for a mehendi party which is conducted for getting good looking husbands or something. Surprisingly, the friend of mine who invited us, was asked out by her neighbour on whom almost everyone from our class has had a crush on turn by turn. I think I've mentioned him somewhere. So yeah, it actually does work at a level. My friend claimed she wasn't dressed enough because it's a mehendi party (and hence she wore an old suit) while taking cautiously small bites from her pasta in white sauce minus the garlic. I think I am turning into a silent admirer of this Marwari culture, you dress up, eat, drink and chill. No frills attached. Only jewellery. If you know what I mean.

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