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Friday, April 01, 2011

First day of the month, cursory post. Life's been a see-saw more on the see side but hanging on the lower end is fun.

"Department work, Practise and Greek Philosophy" to sum up in six words and make a story out of it. It's painful yet every minute of playing bass is like instilling in myself the happiness that I am finally doing what I dreamt of. No, being a dreamer is not being me. More like, I wanted to, aspired to be there and do that. Gibberish, but you know there are things you can't explain. Much like the cliched explanation on "love" but then again, cliches are cliches for a reason (I'm quoting it from a book that is freakishly on the same line as my life right now).

Speaking of the book, I could tell you about it, but I don't wish to. Discretion wise. Although, I'd be more than happy to just name the book and the character but fuck it, not worth the controversy that it might create (as it's almost happened a month back when I discussed a horrible book I read and I presumed that was just ridiculous waste of time).

Bassically, I like this whole new one week. It's been different and nothing like what I've lived and just doing things that positively charge me (that doesn't make me an above average bass player and figure out the melody on my own) but la la la.

Your emotion has so much echo and bass.

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