The future is coming on

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blame on Gorillaz, the darned track Clint Eastwood has been playing in my head since last two weeks, as a result of which during the Polly assignment (where I didn't know a word on cosmopolitan democracy suggested by Ulrich Beck and David Held). I could feel a strange connection between the situation forming and the lyrics. The notebook kept on the chair next to me in the bag had this table we were suppose to make in the assignment (which none of us did because nobody thought it was worth it :| ). Either ways, the lyrics read,

"I got sunshine in a bag.
I'm useless, not for long."

I abide. Or so I'd like to believe.

Cutting a long story short, I've pretty much screwed every assignment this term resulting out of lack of understanding/interest. Good enough reason to not blame myself. Good self.

Department academic festival took place a week back and it's safe to say, it was much better than last year's in terms of participation and otherwise. This year's almost come to an end and it feels a little weird for the idea of moving out of college in another year, embarking yet another journey. Anticipating it but at the same time perplexed and peturbed by lack of plan. Ofcourse, I could just leave it on the future, knowing me, I probably won't. Or.

Other than, that and that I don't remember anything significant that I did, the Night March? Gimmick to attract and grab eye balls, fun nonetheless but I strongly feel night doesn't fall by 8 pm and neither does it set by 6 pm. Other than that, there was another night-in, sleepover (as naive as you think), scrumptious food, a car-ride, few unmentionables and Holi that I avoided.

Been tripping on Tron Legacy's soundtrack, Derezzed being personal favourite. The CD's just come home and I'm probably going to watch it before I crash, almost certainly, yeah. Life's been fairly decent, I'm not cribbing. Not yet.

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