Damndation with "n"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Um, I'm ashamed. Been out of hangover and still piling on beer and cold cuts. I'm more than ashamed for apparently doing things while I was drunk. NO, wait. No, I shouldn't be ashamed. I just partied a bit. Weee!

My life's last 24 hours seems to be out of a cliched chick-lit. If you're not big on them, I advise you not to read further. Also, if you happen to be my mom or dad, please go on facebook and share videos. I'm telling, you won't be too happy. But, if you happen to not know me, continue and treat it like you're reading a book that you've seen on TV and didn't find it very interesting.


Started off with eX's birthday. Didn't want to go considering it was in another corner of the world, place called Old Gupta Colony, Kalyan Vihar. eX's reason for choosing the venue- friend's boyfriend is a lazy sweetheart who just didn't want to go anywhere so he offered his flat. After uD offered to drive us all together for the party. Later, I gave in. I needed an excuse to get high and just forget the crap I'm facing around. Also, I love eX more than I show, reason enough.

Took us two hours to reach the venue and we were lost for half an hour outside that colony because the person who told us the direction said, the lane which has a cow standing at the entrance. So there were four lanes and 3 cows strategically placed out. Permutation aside, eX gave up the laziness and finally descended from the flat to escort us.

An hour into party, I'd gutted down a glass of vodka and coke and a beer. ET and her boy arrived and we were all introduced. Her boy's a good friend of my school friend- Woman Wednesday and he was telling me a hilarious tale of her losing after vodka once (knowing she was a great capacity, WW ie), though I told him later that I've heard of that story (fail :)
Another hour and I was slightly high. I have no clue what happened in the last two hours I spent there.

Amongst the things I remember vividly is uD losing it, I mean totally losing it. If you've seen a lameass chick flick and seen the lead chick losing it at the party after drinking for the first time- misery stricken because of her breakup and she does crazy things..take any chick flick..1o things I hate about you. Yeah, like Kat gets horribly drunk and she starts to dance on the table. The teeny difference here was that uD didn't start dancing, she started falling on people and not just any other person but the guy she's been bbm-dating for over a month now. Um, not good.

What follows is me not remembering any details but just that Sinner and Mac were just by her side and trying to control her. Bad idea, she spat water on ET and her boy when she was offered some and threw the biggest tantrum after someone broke her cigarette. All this, when she kept shouting and falling everywhere. Fuck the first impression, it was a little embarrassing, more so; when I get to the part that involves me.

We'd exceeded the time at the party beyond our curfew and decided to make an exit. That's where uD decided to do more falling and crap after 6 shots. After a considerable amount of alcohol in my system, I was frustrated and high and I just lost my cool and slapped her. Yeah, perfect chick-flick thing to do. :| That's when the guys were startled and realised things were out of control. I don't remember eating anything however I have a faint idea that we nibbled on some rolls and vegetarian uD created a fuss for paneer roll. Yeah so much for being drunk.

Anyhow, the only silver lining was there was no puking business (Thank you UNIVERSE). We left half an hour after our curfew time and possibly only thing that could happen to us was just- we lost our way.

Went to Wazirpur, Pitampura, Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri and then finally managed to get on the godfugging ring road. Reached home past 11 and have no account of what I tried to do with the micro-blogging thing on my phone. The only thing I apparently posted was stoned.

Woke up in the morning (feeling like myself, thank you) and made it on time for the class. The most eventful thing of the day was the call I received from the western music society's president asking me if I want to play bass for a track for college day, ofcourse; I'd love to.

Everyone had left and I was still hanging around in the auditorium to see them perform as they've been practising for some time now. Felt like yet another teen flick where this person is sitting in the auditorium watching a bunch of people perform and wondering if she'll do this or she won't. I am telling you, they feel just the same. Yeah, deja vu. Been there, played that. It's overwhelming to step on the stage with a drummer (POWER!). Damn, I'm kicked about it. I may suck again and probably make a fool of myself but all worth it at the end. So chick-flick/lit.

Other than that, nearly got killed by uD herself (should've known well in advance that something will happen at the party) while she drove us there. Damn, went off road and hit a car (almost). Damndation. Post party, I had a massive allergy attack and with a slight hangover and sleeping thing I slept like a baby. (Yeah, I'm losing the chronological order, blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol).

Something, other than fuck-up's I'd like to point out is the fucking caste divide.
So, I've been raised up the semi conventional way, the convent school and the neo-feminist college haven't left me with anything concrete but with a bundle of confusing tags that are attached to me. Inspite of that, both the institutions have tried to instil an idea of no-discrimination on the basis of caste. My folks might slightly disagree here and I wouldn't want to go into the detail but well I might some day, when I am facing it myself.

A friend of mine's dating this guy, a Sindhi. I don't know how many of you are aware of this whole Sindhi scare but during this dating-seeing decision she was subjected to lines like :

  • Sindhi ke ghar bahut badboodar hote hain. (Sindhi households stink.)
  • Sindhi bahut kanjoos hote hain. (Sindhi's are known misers.)
  • Agar saanp aur sindhi dikhe to pehle sindhi ko maaro fir saanp ko. (If you have a choice between killing a snake or a Sindhi, kill a Sindhi first.)
  • Sau Shringaar, ek bindi; Sau Saanp, ek Sindhi. (A woman's make-up isn't complete without vermillion and same way, the same man may survive if he's bitten by a snake but not if he gets on the wrong side with a Sindhi.)
So and so forth, my point. You're stuck to conventions and lines that probably do not hold any relevance for a simple reason, she's dating a guy- not his fucking community. She's DATING and they're going around. NOT FUCKING MAKING BABIES. Even if, the aforementioned holds some validity, how sure will she be that she'd be happier if she dates a Mehta, D'Souza or Sanghmitra. What is the fucking issue with the world if two individuals decide to be happy together. I'm surprised at how some of these points were raised by people who've attended those classes on Individual and Society, where we've discussed the implications of caste and it's actuality and been to the same college as me. I agree, I've heard all of this, but damn man, if you can't accept a person with his/her name you just deserve to die. As for my friend and not giving her a pseudonym here, I hope you'll understand (and probably won't want me giving that).

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Seems harsh, but someone had to do the dirty job of pointing the obvious out.

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  1. Fun post to read! :) I was laughing out loud at many parts.
    Also, we need to clarify some facts, my friend.


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