Crayons to Perfumes

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

An analogy that my mother wrote for me, long ago, when I stepped into my pre-teens. I proudly claim the writer's genes in me have been passed on from the maternal side. One of those things that I can be proud of myself (the bass player just died somewhere, it was anyways on ventilator for long). I've been working on the Cave allegory and frankly it's not fulfilling for me to not mention my syllabus somewhere discreetly. Heck, I might just be inspired by it creatively at some level.

So, I'm loaded with four of everything- assignments, presentation, projects and papers which are draining my soul (horcrux needed at this level). Also, I've contracted cold again knowing very well the source but wouldn't encourage speculation on my blog.

Also, this is possibly the trashiest post I've come out with. I'll probably forgive myself for this because I puked in the middle of composing this so yeah. Excuse me, while I figure my self.

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