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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The first thing I do after kicking the flu is to abide by what mothership says, sort the pen-stands. It doesn't sound as complicated until I establish the fact-

It has stationery right from what I used in first grade.

I have this obsession with old-faded material objects. Obsolete or not, they comprise of memories from the past or not. It just holds happy materialist value that keeps me going, more than that of pictures. While I sat down to fix and sort four different pen-stands I came across erasers and eraser covers as old as 10 years etc.

I have this damned habit of not throwing stationery and it takes me time to get detached to the empty pen in my tote or study table and consequently in my exams I end up carrying this huge pencil box from 11 grade filled with empty pens, erasers that haven't been used in long time and some 6-7 pencils stuffed. Now just going through stuff reminded me of all those times when I used to be obsessed with stationery like I've had similar phase with books, magazines, editorials, button badges, postcards and now Tshirts.

Also, I just went through the fourth grade all over again, after telling Sinner how at a stage in school I was so obsessed with stationery that I used to carry four different pouches filled with different (and all possible) varieties of pencils and pencil tops, sharpners, scales and erasers including one that is in shape of Jhandu Balm (what was the person thinking, the one who gifted me?) and I still have all of them kept safely in some remote corner of my closet. I should be hanged to death for wasting so much space in a place like Delhi.

Cleaned and organized my study table today which is a task when I am talking about my books. Usually, they're all hidden away in some corner and the trashy ones are on display so that no one politely asks if they could borrow it for the weekend. Bitches never return back and my mother has lost her collection so it's a lesson I've learnt over the years. Today, I guess I gave up my fear and displayed some of my titles on the shelf- removed the pen-stands, photoframes and a lot of trash just shoved in corners of the study table. I think I have ranted enough but not announced here that I own the world's most ugliest study-table designed specially for me and my sister at some stage. That design went wrong and it was nothing like both us desired and I sincerely believe that we have to put up with that for the rest of our lives. Something that neither of us can help unless ofcourse I move out of here-which is a cyclic process of slowly killing myself with facts like I need cash for that. Also I need cash for a professional bass, some trips (puns intended), to start my own sort of work (or things that I have planned) and mini library of a sort, buy a DSLR and god knows what all.

Before I move on to compose my nth wishlist, I'd call it a night and mentally dream of things that I am deprived off including a gorgeous iPad that I think I totally deserve because I must complete my apple family. However, I need to get a Mac Book and iPhone for that.

Any millionaire reading?

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  1. I heart your love for things, beings are useless, never fall for them.
    Also, if you got sick of Jhandu Balm shaped pencil, gift it to me,I shall beautifully adorn it, till one day I accidentally lose it.

    And guess what the word verification came for me?!

  2. Material things come with a life and it's easier dealing with them than beings.
    Blogger is smart. 8) I shall stick to it for some time to come.


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