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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Probably the slowest day of my 19 year old life. Never been this sluggish in last past one whole year or to be confident enough not even during triple Greek Philosophy or double Economics in school. Passing 55 solitary minutes doing Education of the Philosopher Ruler in class seemed like Sisyphus. Damn, I feel for the poor bastard all of a sudden. Who cares if he did a mistake? He didn't deserve that sort of life but whatever. Hopefully, unlike Sisydude I'll have a better day tomorrow or so I believe. (Hah, my pessimist alter ego just died somewhere. Gag me.)

As much as I could recollect why I didn't catch up on sleep last night was when I can trace back to looking frantically for my black pen. For any one who knows (either ways has stalked me for sometime) will know my obsession with stationery- particularly gel pens and the fact I HATE (no other softer word) people who borrow stuff (cash, pens, paper, food anything basically that I don't wish to part with at that particular moment). Now, combine the gel pen and borrowing act and you get me perfectly pissed, positively annoyed and very, very rude to you. Another pet peeve that has been bothering me is time management and the issue with meeting deadlines that I must harp about and make it visible that it bothers me. Still people come up with replies like, "I'm driving like a bitch".

Took some time and effort to realise that college senior had borrowed it for an event I volunteered to be at (Elocution, at College Festival- that I might just write about). My memory tells me she gave her ball pen to me to keep it on the table and asked for my Gel Pen. Desperate Other friend on duty (who was basically horny for this guy, who flirted his mind with emoticons to weasel out the pass from me to get in and "chill" with people who could "withstand" him.) bugged the shit out of me and it slipped out of my mind to collect my gel pen back. Result? Spent one and a half hour cleaning the room all over to again to realise the borrowed pen hasn't been returned.

Woke up very sluggish to hear that I have to use public transport to get to college, a fact I totally hate when I am unprepared to make it to college. I swear, I could really murder autowallah's one of these days. I've met the looniest of the drivers in past one week and it's just pushing me to the annoyance at another degree altogether. Somehow convinced mum to drop me and then began real drudgery in Greek Philosophy. After a whole week, attending classes- starting with Greek wasn't the best idea ever and I suppose everyone slept with open eyes. Lecturer aimed a sugarcoated warning at us (her trademark style of dipping everything in way too much crushed sugar) that she'd pick up anyone from class and we're suppose to explain everybit of today's lecture in tomorrow's class- only then we can proceed to the lesson after that. Now, it shouldn't be such a hassel but the issue really is that we have TRIPLE GREEK PHILOSOPHY tomorrow to look forward to (along with both the concurrent papers class) and bearing that with a viva isn't helping me take an afternoon siesta right now.

Proceeding from that, killed two hours doing absolutely nothing, before the History of Western Philosophy Class. Oh, how I miss Dragon. She was beyond brilliant when it came to teaching in comparison to the new Lecturer. However inefficient the new Lecturer might be, atleast she doesn't PMS in class, which is a big relief. I don't understand why are the peers acting spaz, pricey or bitchy with her. She just can't teach but otherwise is sweet enough to photocopy and attempt to decode the text with us fully. A friend came high to her class today and dealing with double lectures in Western was even difficult than I'd imagined. Somehow, I was getting impatient with the behaviour more than the Lecturer and felt really bad for her today. Damn me, but I can vouch, the class couldn't be any more nasty than what they were today.

As far as festival goes, it was way above my expectation considering how last minute was everything. No eye candy/mutton/mince meat, nothing this year. I missed the good ole' Lasagna in Black Kurta (it's an entity, go figure). Only Sinner managed to cross him some gazallion times and Room 8 was prancing around the college corridor with some newly sprouted facial hair. Too bad, neither of us noticed each other this year. Had some really awkward moments with N. Whatever it be, people come people go. Life moves on. Union should be applauded for getting the damn brilliant Kathi Roll guy this year again. I lived on single egg chicken kathi for the festival weekend. I think, the best thing to happen to our festival were the rolls. Yeah, seriously.

Now that I am back home after the really pricky day and almost reported everything "exciting" from the Festival, I really want to unwind with a glass of fresh lime soda or some flavoured (peach) soda and keep myself awake till I locate something off the net to reproduce today's lecture. It's been a fairly slow day except I just realised it's post 6 pm and I should start with something constructive other than think what constructive business can be constructed.

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  1. You really must love Greek Philosophy, of all the things you rant that seems to be it, more than lasagna in Black kurta! When do I meet , or make wary attempts to steal him.

  2. I'll try to kidnap him so that you can have a piece of Lasagna too. Till then, I shall scrounge it, just for you.


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